20 social media post ideas for your distribution business


One of the most common questions marketers ask about social media is what to post. Most tend to have product-centric posts because with so many resources available to them, it’s much easier to find ready-to-use graphics.

While there’s nothing wrong with this approach per se – after all, you’re selling products – social media is an invaluable tool for showing what else you bring to the table. Your social media pages give you the opportunity to build your brand, show your corporate personality, creativity and professionalism.

You should also keep in mind that the purpose of your social media pages, in addition to building brand awareness, is to build relationships with your customers and prospects. You therefore do not want to be seen as another seller of products (goods).

The most engaging pages post a mix of content that educates, entertains, or adds value to their audience in some way. Creating messages is not as complicated as it may seem.

Think of the post as the start of an informal conversation with a potential client. Therefore, your conversation should interest them. To do this, you need to know your audience very well, including their needs, interests, and frustrations.

Here are 20 ideas that you can easily implement. Set aside time each week to schedule your posts, then post them all at once using the scheduling feature on Facebook, and do it for the week.

20 post ideas for promotional distributors

1. The content of your blog

This is the most important post type as it will drive traffic to your website. List excerpts from each blog post on an excel sheet and include the link. This way, your messages will be ready to be cut and pasted at different times. Use different images each time to spark new interest.

2. Inspirational Quotes

There are websites that list inspirational quotes of all kinds. A quick Google search will present you with many options. Create an image with the quote using a photo background using a tool like Canva, or use the one provided by the website, usually for free.

3. Professional advice

Share advice from an industry expert (you). You can post them every week on the same day and call it “Wednesday Swag Tips”, for example. Use your photo and add a speech bubble with the tip. Or, better yet, make a short video out of it.

4. Messages related to daily life

Messages about the course of your day. For example, TGIF, a comment about the weather, traffic, your coffee, etc.

5. Current events

Post comments about what’s happening in your community, last night’s sports game, industry news from your target audience, and more.

6. National holidays

It is a natural choice for the promotion sector. Not only major parties, but also other party dates. There are many choices and you can use them in many ways. You can create monthly or weekly themes and link them to promotional items, or just post “Happy XYZ day”. These posts will add interest and fun to your page. Find a complete list on this site.

7. #ThrowbackThursday

They are messages about the past: “Remember when….” It could be your business, your community, a TV show, or anything else. For some reason Thursdays have become the day to post them. Join the trend and use the hashtag.

8. Introduce your staff

Welcome a new recruit or an intern. Congratulate a staff member, congratulate them on their personal achievements, birthdays, weddings or the birth of a child. Celebrate their birthday in your company.

9. Celebrations of the month

Welcome a new month, list its celebrations, or reference them throughout the month. These are very relevant and refreshing, and you can use them in many ways.

10. Personal events

Share personal events you’ve attended, trainings, trade shows, etc., especially if you’re the face of your business.

11. Funny stuff

Making people smile is a good thing. Share a cartoon or video of a pet. Who says cats don’t belong on your business page? Just be sure to add context. Or not. Like this picture of my cat relaxing on the windowsill.

12. Your workplace

Preview of your new auto-promo package. A behind-the-scenes anecdote. Someone came to visit your office. You clean the sample room, paint the office, etc.

13. Industry Facts and News

Look for those that your audience may consider “nice to know”. For example, Chinese holidays, new regulations, product recalls, new decoration methods, supply chain delays, etc.

14. Community News and Events

Be a good neighbor. Share information promoting fairs, festivals, fundraisers, concerts, etc. local. Congratulate a new business opening in your area, even if they’re not your client. Recommend a local business.

15. Wish Happy Holidays

As mentioned, holidays make great messages, but major holidays deserve special messages. You can show pictures of you or your staff wishing happy holidays.

16. Showcase your work

Post photos of your work. Present what you do. Ask your supplier to send you an extra item, share the photos your customers post on their social media because, yes, they will post photos wearing your hats and shirts, or showing off the awesome new cups you’ve produced. To show creativity. This is how your business comes to life.

17. Customer dedications

Congratulate your customers on birthdays, milestones, and more. Thank customers who post positive reviews, use a screenshot of the review as an image.

18. Special offers

These need no further explanation. Make sure they link to a landing page where the offer is further explained and includes a clear call to action.

19. Product Ideas

Publish articles that will interest your customers even if you think the price is too high. In fact, it will show them what is available. Remember they are always asking you what’s new. Avoid posting super cheap items. Add context whenever possible. Select unusual items to post or unusual uses for common items. Create branded post graphics using good resolution images available from vendors, add text and your website to them. That way, if it’s shared, everyone will know where it came from.

20. Keep it Positive

With so much negative stuff floating around, the last thing we need is another Debbie Downer. Don’t be the one who always has something negative to say about everything. You know the gender. Be the uplifting message that makes people smile. Positive attracts good vibes.


Hope this gives you some ideas to make your social media pages more fun and engaging. Yes, it will require an investment of your time, but it’s not only worth it, it’s necessary. Planning is key to saving time and being consistent, we have tools and resources on our website that can help, including distributor-specific social media tutorials. And like everything else, it can be difficult at first, but the more you do it, the better you will get and the easier it will become.

This article was first published in the Action Marketing blog. For more marketing articles, free webinars and guides specific to promotional activity, visit the Resources section of ActionMarketingCo.com.


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