3D Systems introduces two new production-grade 3D printing materials


3D systems has added two more production-grade 3D printing materials to its Figure 4 and Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) portfolios.

Figure 4 Tough Clear and DuraForm PAx Black are on display at the additive manufacturing company’s booth at IMTS this week with commercial availability planned for Q4 2022. Both materials were reportedly designed for “high mechanical performance and stability.” durable in any environment. making them suitable for a range of end-use applications from consumer goods to aerospace and defense.

Joining a wide range of resins for the company’s Figure 4 technology, Figure 4 Tough Clear is the first clear material designed for the platform and is claimed to produce parts with excellent clarity (enhanced with post-processing) for applications in fluid and gas flow, and lighting, including lenses, light guides and covers. Applications also extend to large production runs of small parts for items such as carrying handles, cranks, knobs and levers; structural supports, snaps and fasteners; and consumer goods packaging.

The material provides what 3D Systems describes as a desirable combination of impact strength, tensile strength and elongation properties that remain stable for up to eight years indoors and one and a half years under real-world outdoor conditions. in accordance with ASTM D4329 and ASTM G154. test.

3D printing is the most cost effective method to produce transparent parts, and with the introduction of Figure 4 Tough Clear, we are giving our customers a way to reduce their time to market,” said Dr. Edwin Hortelano, senior vice president. , materials engineering and development, 3D systems. “Our Figure 4 platform is easy to use and facilitates lightning-fast production. With our new Figure 4 Tough Clear material, customers now have a production-grade material designed for long-term stability. The combination of our Figure 4 hardware solution and our deep materials and application expertise enables our customers to accelerate innovation and gain competitive advantage.

The second most recent addition, DuraForm PAx Black, is also the latest offering in 3D Systems’ new open materials portfolio for use with any SLS printer. This recyclable nylon copolymer adopts similar properties to the recently announced DuraForm PAx Natural, promising similar properties to injection molded plastics as well as high impact strength with high elongation at break in all directions. These properties make it a suitable material for strong, lightweight, production-grade parts in orthoses, tool handles, splints and splints, ducts, live hinges, fluid reservoirs, and enclosures requiring impact. high and high tenacity. Additional properties include low temperature printing at 120°C, long term stability ratings of over five years indoors for mechanical properties and color, glossy and smooth surface finish when finished with a steam straightening, which also extends its elongation to yield capacity beyond that of other nylon materials such as PA-11 and PA-12. It also features a high refresh rate to reduce waste and overall production costs.

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