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Gopher Industrial was founded as an e-commerce industrial distribution company focused on industrial hose, welding products, factory supplies and safety solutions, but has grown significantly to include manufacturing facilities for pipes, storage and training.

Based in Orange, Texas, Gopher Industrial provides products and services to businesses and consumers, focusing on industrial hose needs in addition to its core products. Gopher Industrial is a distributor of a full line of industrial hoses, stainless steel metal braided hoses, hydraulic hoses, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) hoses and expansion joints. Some key brands include Kuriyama, Gutteling, Alfagomma and Hose Master.

The company manufactures metal braided hoses itself. Between its factory and its partner facilities, more than 100 welders are available to ensure the production of a large volume of pipe with fast turnaround times. Gopher Industrial welders are ASME certified. These professionals complete welded pipe assemblies with multiple quality checkpoints throughout the production process to ensure that the end user receives a safe and reliable pipe.

Gopher Industrial’s distribution center stocks millions of products. This provides the company with a large inventory of end fittings so that they can apply the necessary connections with the required configuration. Standard stock of quarter to six inch jacketed hose assemblies are kept on hand, with custom order capabilities for larger sizes. Additionally, it can create metal braided hoses from many alloys, including stainless steel, bronze, Monel, and Hastelloy. The company also provides technical support for custom assemblies.

Gopher Industrial’s hydraulic hose offerings include single and double braided, 4 and 6 wire hoses with capacities ranging from one quarter inch to two inches. Imperial, UK and metric fittings are supplied, along with over 1,000 different adapters.

When it comes to industrial hose offerings, hoses for air, water and steam, as well as chemical and petroleum hoses are all provided. A wide assortment of industrial pipe end fittings including cam locks, MNPTs, flanges and more are also in stock.

Gopher Industrial’s PTFE tubing solutions include smooth and convoluted bore diameters up to two inches available from stock. End fittings include JIC, MNPT, flanged and encapsulated. Its high quality PTFE hoses are available for low, medium and high pressure applications. It also maintains an extensive inventory of expansion joints, including PTFE, PTFE Lined, Stainless Steel and Exotic Metal, Rubber Spool Pressure Pipe Joints and Rubber Check Valves, all with outstanding engineering and support.

The newest addition to pipe offerings is a mobile pipe service. The mobile hose service is a van equipped with equipment to repair or build and assemble hydraulic hoses at your project site. Gopher Industrial’s goal as a hose distributor is to continually update equipment and expand its services to better serve its customers. They made this investment to help support existing businesses and new projects in the area.

In addition to manufacturing custom hose assemblies, Gopher Industrial offers a variety of solutions to ensure your hose meets the highest standards, including hydrostatic testing, labeling, tracing and color coding. Gopher Industrial is a member of the National Association for Hose and Accessories Distribution (NAHAD) and is a Hose Safety Institute (HSI) certified company. HSI members agree to incorporate a series of prescribed best practices and industry-leading guidelines into their corporate culture. Additionally, Gopher Industrial follows strict design and manufacturing standards backed by extensive training that ensures their hoses meet NAHAD or manufacturer’s standards. This attention to detail demonstrates that they care about their customers’ safety and value their trust. CEO and co-owner David Jones said: “Our aim is to be at the forefront of new technologies and safety standards, whether it’s assembling pipes or investing in new equipment. of testing. We want the end user to get a safe and reliable hose, which is why Gopher Industrial places great emphasis on employee training, hose testing and delivering quality products.”

For more information, visit www.gopherindustrial.com or call (800) 997-3177.


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