Advanced Laser Materials Launches Range of Carbon Neutral Materials for SLS 3D Printing Technology



Advanced laser materials (ALM) has launched a range of certified carbon neutral polymer materials, developed in collaboration with Arkema.

PA 820 MF CN and PA 820 CF CN materials are bio-circular polyamides 11, respectively loaded with minerals and carbon fibers, which are based on Arkema’s materials expertise and have been optimized by ALM for manufacturing additive.

With high impact resistance and tightly controlled particle size distribution, the materials are believed to be capable of producing lifestyle and automotive production applications that feature a smooth surface finish and excellent detail. They can both be processed on “most selective laser sintering platforms”, including those from EOS, the parent organization of ALM.

Prior to the launch of the PA 820 CN materials, ALM conducted a full life cycle analysis study from procurement to production to delivery to customers in the United States and Europe, which was subsequently certified through TÃœV SÃœD according to the PAS2060 standard, which sets the requirements for carbon neutral products. The launch of these carbon neutral materials would be part of EOS ‘commitment to “responsible manufacturing”, in which it seeks to promote storage reduction, the use of local production, the reduction of costs. parts and the development of materials that are highly recyclable or carbon neutral.

“A lot of companies are trying to change their processes to become more sustainable. ALM is leading by changing our entire approach to more sustainable manufacturing and introducing sustainability as more than a concept, ”commented Moritz Kugler, Vice President, Polymer Materials at EOS. “The PA 820 MF CN and PA 820 CF CN from ALM are the first offers of polymer materials in our sustainable development journey. Going forward, we will also focus on new waste management, mobility and industrial innovation processes to reinvent the global supply chain. “

To further offset the auxiliary carbon production associated with the development of PA11 bio-based materials, ALM has installed solar panels at its headquarters in Texas and is also investing in benchmark carbon credits from a MyClimate solar project in Ethiopia. Arkema, whose role in AM continues to grow through acquisitions, investments in facilities and new materials, is also committed to enabling more sustainable manufacturing. At the start of the year, the company acquired Agiplast, a specialist in polymer regeneration and a long-time partner in Arkema’s recycling operations.

“Arkema is a pioneering innovator in advanced materials derived from renewable castor bead produced from sustainable sources and grown in India,” added Adrien Lapeyre, global commercial director of Arkema’s high performance polymers business. “For many years, Arkema has been at the forefront of bio-circular materials in the 3D printing market. Our recent acquisition of Agiplast, a leader in the recycling of specialty polymers, now opens the door to the next chapter, and we are confident that ALM will play a vital role in our success story.

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