After Rebel Wilson went public with girlfriend, reporter says their post was going to go out of the star


Just a few days ago, Rebel Wilson took to social media to share an update on her personal life: she’s in a relationship with designer Ramona Agruma. Wilson made the sweet announcement by sharing a photo of her and her girlfriend together, saying she thought she was ‘looking for a Disney prince’ but maybe what she really needed was a ‘Disney princess’ ” all this time. But after the revelation, a reporter from an Australian newspaper said they would release her within two days if she didn’t comment on the relationship.

The Sydney Morning Herald Andrew Hornery, in a column written over the weekend, revealed that in an “abundance of caution”, the newspaper emailed representatives for Rebel Wilson on Thursday morning. And later the same day, the actress reportedly decided to go public on Instagram. In the opinion piece, Hornery called Wilson’s move a ‘big mistake’ and said threatening to take her out was no problem because ‘sexual orientation is no longer something to hide’ .

In the reporter’s article with his outlet, he also claimed that when the actress (now in her 40s) was previously in a relationship with businessman Jacob Busch, she “thankfully harbored such lustful interest by entertaining the press about the couple. Following the publication of the column by the Herald, backlash surfaced online, with people rushing to Wilson’s side for apparently being pressured to publicly discuss a private matter. In Twitter opinion:

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BBC journalist Megha Mohan also criticized the newspaper and the journalist for “complaining” about having chosen to announce her relationship with Ramona Agruma herself. In his words:

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In the wake of the relationship announcement, it was reported that Rebel Wilson would be “very serious” with Ramona Agruma, per People. The couple have reportedly been an item since January and are “super happy together”. She was apparently set up with the creator through a friend, and the two apparently spoke on the phone “for weeks” before meeting, which the star found “very romantic.”

The Australian performer also shared that she felt she was now in an equal partnership and a healthy relationship. It’s supposedly different from what she’s been through in the past, when she was “putting up with” things she “shouldn’t have”. The Pitch Perfect alum has always shown love for her exes, saying “they’re awesome,” but, with her new partner, it seems there’s a balance in the partnership that really clicks for her.

Rebel Wilson recently starred in her first film in three years, Secondary yearwhich is available to stream with a Netflix subscription The comedy is about a high school cheerleader who goes into a coma for 20 years and decides to graduate at 37. The film has been in Netflix’s top 10 for almost a month with its last day on the list at the beginning of the week and has a massive cast which includes Mary Holland, Sam Richardson and Justin Hartley. Wilson has a lot to be grateful for at the moment, and as she walks away from this attempted exit incident, let’s hope things go well for her and her girlfriend in the future.

After checking the star in Secondary yeartake a look at the other Rebel Wilson movies you can stream and find out how celebrate pride month via streaming as well.


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