AIM appoints Cabiotec srl as distributor of the complete range of welding products in Italy


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AIM Solder, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of solder assembly materials for the electronics industry, is pleased to announce the signing of Cabiotec srl as a new distributor for its full range of products in Italy.

Cabiotec srl has been distributing machines, complete lines and consumables for the electronic assembly sector since 1994. The company prides itself on the high level of professionalism and quality products made available to its customers, aiming above all to meet the needs for flexibility, productivity, speed and precision imposed by the current evolution of the market. A light and dynamic company, Cabiotec has its headquarters in Milan, with a large demonstration area and a spare parts warehouse that allow any request to be dealt with quickly and precisely.

Offering local sourcing, demonstration and training rooms, and world-class technical and sales support, the company is uniquely positioned to support customers in this important region.

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