Amid scandal surrounding publication in Minsk Pravda, Makiej met with apostolic nuncio


Information on the meeting with the representative of the Vatican is reported on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus.

Meeting between the Apostolic Nuncio and Uladzimir Makei. September 9, 2021. Photo:

It should be noted that during the meeting, the Minister Uladzimir Makei and apostolic nuncio in Belarus, archbishop Ante jozic discussed “topical issues of the bilateral agenda, humanitarian cooperation and cooperation between the two countries within the framework of international organizations”.

The meeting took place against the backdrop of a scandal with an offensive publication of the propaganda newspaper “Minsk Prauda”, which effectively equated Catholic priests with the Nazis. In the photo, a cross has turned into a swastika. The publication of “Minsk Prauda” caused a wave of indignation among Catholics, representatives of other faiths and even atheists.

The Catholic bishops of Belarus made a statement and called the cartoon and the “Minsk Prauda” article “an intentional and malicious distortion of the truth, slander and insult”. They also expressed their hope that “the competent state authorities will give an appropriate legal assessment of this cartoon and its publication in the“ Minsk Prauda ”.

The Foreign Ministry press release did not directly mention the controversial story. Still, he said Makei stressed “the inviolability of the official approach of the Roman Catholic Church in Belarus, the inadmissibility of inciting religious intolerance and the importance of preserving ethnic harmony and religious in the country as a whole “.

“In this context, we must not attach any importance to separate, exclusively subjective attempts to paint the situation differently,” said the press service of the ministry.


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