AML3D metal 3D printing technology to support BAE Systems Australia’s Hunter Class Frigates program


LAM3D will explore the feasibility and prototyping of components to support BAE Systems Australia contract to design and build nine Hunter-class frigates.

The purchase agreement agreed between the two companies follows test work with BAE Systems which indicated that AML3D’s WAM metal 3D printing technology is suitable to support design, new construction and maintenance. marine assets in Australia. According to the purchase contract, the prototype parts manufactured by WAM must be delivered before the end of the year.

The Hunter-class frigates are the future class of heavy frigates of the Royal Australian Navy intended to replace the Anzac class. AML3D was awarded a purchase contract with BAE Systems Australia after a commercial validation testing program that began in October 2020. These tests are said to have demonstrated WAM’s ability to minimize lead times and meet BAE Systems Australia’s internal standards for additively manufactured components. Under this program, partners are also confident that WAM can support the continued sovereign shipbuilding and sustainment capability as outlined in the Australian Government’s Shipbuilding Plan.

“Expanding our commercial relationships in the marine and defense sectors is critical to AML3D’s strategic growth plan,” commented Ryan Millar, CEO of AML3D. “We were confident that WAM would meet BAE Systems Australia’s testing protocols and we are delighted to have successfully brought this project out of the validation testing phase. The supply of prototype components that will support BAE Systems Australia’s contract with the Royal Australian Navy to build the Hunter-class frigates is another step in establishing a critically important business relationship. Especially against the backdrop of the scale of BAE Systems Australia’s broader shipbuilding initiatives in Australia.

AML3D recently received accreditation to manufacture high-value marine componentsand two years ago raised A$7 million to expand its WAM metal 3D printing capability.

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