AXT appointed Australian distributor of Exaddon’s metal additive microfabrication technology


AXTa supplier of high-tech scientific equipment in Australia, has announced its appointment as the official distributor of exaddona Swiss manufacturer of micro-metal additive manufacturing technology.

Exaddon systems are suitable for complex metal geometries printed in the range of 1 to 1000 µm (micrometers) with sub-micrometer resolution.

Exaddon’s CERES micro-AM impression system uses spot electrodeposition to deposit metals such as gold, silver, platinum, copper and nickel. The system can directly print structures onto conductive substrates, including electrical circuits. Exaddon says the machine-printed structures require no post-processing, unlike other techniques used for microfabrication at similar size scales.

CERES technology has been used in fields such as microelectronics and the characterization of micromaterials. The emerging field of neural interfaces that use needles or 3D-printed pillars to connect computers to the human nervous system has also used CERES.

Exaddon states that it is used as an alternative to multi-step lithography microfabrication and produces materials with superior strength and durability without the need for post-processing such as etching.

“Additive manufacturing is a rapidly growing field in Australia,” said Richard Trett, Managing Director of AXT. “We have identified Exaddon as a great solution for our audience, with new technology that offers broad publishing possibilities.”

Edgar Hepp, CEO of Exaddon, said: “As a Swiss company, we strive to provide exceptional technology combined with excellent customer support based on expertise and experience. For us, it was an obvious choice to appoint AXT as our distributor in Australia.

Exaddon opened in August 2019 when Swiss nanotechnology company Cytosurge announced that its 3D printing business would be spun off and continue operating under the Exaddon brand.

Hepp continued: “They [AXT] have an intimate knowledge of their local market and, above all, an excellent reputation for adopting cutting-edge technologies like ours. We are confident that AXT will represent the unique technology we provide to the Swiss quality standard.

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