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Banjul Oxygen Company management strongly condemned a false publication in local media reporting that the company was unable to provide enough oxygen to Covid-19 treatment centers at the height of the global pandemic.

Reported last week in a local media, the newspaper quoted Managing Director (CEO) of SRN Steels Gambia Limited Sanjay Kumar Sharma as saying the Banjul Oxygen Company was unable to provide enough oxygen needed at most strong from the Covid-19 pandemic, adding that the country was facing severe oxygen shortages leading to complications for many patients.

“It is false and misleading to say that Banjul Oxygen Company was unable to provide enough oxygen to Covid-19 treatment centers. We were producing two hundred and fifty (250) oxygen cylinders every day, more than the country needs daily,” Kwamla F Manly Elliott, CEO of Banjul Oxygen Company.

He added: “It is a false invention to say that there was a shortage of oxygen in the country during Covid-19, the period when we supplied more than six thousand 6,000 cylinders of oxygen to the country alone. Ministry of Health So the arguments made by the CEO of SRN Steels Company are all wrong and far from the truth, Banjul Oxygen Company was producing enough oxygen and there was not a single time when oxygen was been marked in the country during the pandemic.

The CEO of Banjul Oxygen Company revealed that his company provides oxygen to the Ministry of Health on credit with the agreement to ensure that oxygen is available in Covid-19 treatment centers.

He noted that during this period, Banjul Oxygen Company has also purchased a brand new generator costing over three million dalasi (D3 million) as a backup power supply to the plant which will ensure continuous production of ‘oxygen.

Kwamla F Manly Elliott revealed that for more than four decades his company has produced enough oxygen in the country, adding that it is the only oxygen company that produces and supplies four different gases to the Gambian market at the most affordable prices. without compromising quality.

“We are the only gas company in the country that produces and supplies four different gases, namely nitrogen gas, oxygen gas, carbon dioxide (Co2) and acetylene. We can proudly say that we produce the best gas products in the country and so far we are the cheapest in all of West Africa when it comes to prices, he then disclosed.

According to him, Banjul Oxygen Company produces two hundred and fifty (250) oxygen cylinders in the country daily for more than the country needs, adding that competition is okay in business but smear campaigns are aimed at tarnishing the true image of their competitors. is not healthy for any business.

Seedy Grant, administrator of Banjul Oxygen Company, also reacted to the media report directed against his company, describing it as unfortunate propaganda orchestrated by unsuspected competitors who have no direction to follow.

He said Banjul Oxygen Company is a reputable company that produces more than enough gas in the country for clinical and industrial use.

“Saying that Banjul Oxygen Company cannot produce enough oxygen during Covid-19 is the most unfortunate propaganda our competitors can say. We have been producing enough oxygen for the country since our inception in 1986, so it is wrong and misleading to also say that oxygen was scarce in the country at the height of the pandemic when we were producing enough for consumption,” said the administrator of the Banjul Oxygen Company. underline.

He added, “I can say with confidence that during the pandemic most companies raised their prices on their products but we refused to increase our oxygen prices because this company is owned by The Gambia and does not s ‘will associate with any price increase that will make the situation difficult. for Gambians.

The administrator of Banjul Oxygen Company also revealed his company’s plans to move to its next level of scaling up Acetylene gas production in the country, revealing that his company has already ordered a full container of calcium carbide in a little to launch the production of acetylene gas in the country.

He said the availability of acetylene gas in the country will go a long way in alleviating the difficulties faced by the construction industry, noting that so far Banjul Oxygen Company has been the only supplier of this valuable gas to contractors in the Trans-Gambia. Bridge and the OIC Conference Center.

Seedy Grant, advised competitors to be genuine and sincere in promoting their products, adding that engaging in a smear campaign to tarnish the image and reputation of your competitors is cheating and dishonesty in deals.

He assured that Banjul Oxygen Company will continue to produce, supply and distribute quality gas to its burgeoning customer base without compromising standards, noting that no amount of smear or propaganda campaign can undermine Banjul Oxygen Company serving the Gambian people.

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