Berzeliusskolan – Swedish Technology Program – Invests in the Wematter SLS 3D printing ecosystem

Above: Wematter Gravity SLS 3D printing ecosystem / Image source: Wematter

Berzeliusskolan, one of Sweden’s most extensive technology programs, has announced that it has decided to enter into a agreement with a high-tech company Wematter and invest in its SLS 3D printing ecosystem.

Berzeliusskolan High School in Linköping has, following the development of the technology industry, chosen to invest in state-of-the-art equipment from Wematter to provide its students with the best possible educational conditions and a good start in their professional career with additive manufacturing as a foundation tool.

“We are extremely happy to welcome Berzeliusskolan as a first customer and partner in our push towards technical education and academia. We are convinced that the collaboration with Berzeliusskolan will prove to be a first example of success with other schools to come in the coming terms.

– Jens Gabrielsson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Wematter

SLS 3D printing ecosystem in new courses

SLS 3D printing ecosystem
Above: Pierre Harrysson, Wematter Sales Representative, shows Gravity at Berzeliusskolan / Image source: Wematter

Nils Winge, a high school teacher in CAD software, construction, engineering and construction works, is an ambassador and representative of 3D in education, in which he has also lectured for other teachers and schools. He also sees that this technology with the Gravity SLS 3D printer could form a basis in new courses, such as technological specialization or scientific specialization.

“At Wematter, we think it’s exciting that the first school we sign an agreement with is a high school with big ambitions and nationally recognized. As a former student of the school, with my co-owner Henrik Lundgren, this is obviously a lot of fun for us.

– Robert Kniola, founder and CEO of Wematter

At the forefront of technological specializations

SLS 3D printing ecosystem
Above: Nils Winge, teacher at Berzeliusskolan and Pierre Harrysson, sales representative at Wematter with the Gravity and Density water jet cabinet 3D printer / Image source: Wematter

Berzeliusskolan aims to maintain their leading position when it comes to their scientific and technological profile and with this in mind, they want to enable their students to go from idea to design and finally to a full 3D printed part. The Gravity SLS 3D printing ecosystem will be perfect for advancing technology education.

Robert Kniola concluded: “We are now looking forward to seeing future draws given the level we have seen among students. We also hope that the school and students will benefit greatly from Gravity and that the next generation will understand the benefits of additive manufacturing from the start.

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