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Brandon, MB – Investigators continued their investigation following the residential search warrant executed on March 8, 2022 in which police discovered a 3D printer.

Dayne PARROTT-JONES, 18 years old was arrested on a number of charges at the time. He now faces additional charges of impersonation, theft of identity, fraud under $5,000, false pretence and use of an unauthorized credit card.

The investigation revealed that in the fall of 2021, the suspect used a stolen ID to open a bank account with a credit card. The victim had reported his ID stolen from a vehicle in Brandon in the summer of 2019. PARROTT-JONES will appear in court today on the new charges.


March 9, 2022

Brandon, MB – In April 2021, the Brandon Police Department was contacted by the FBI in Los Angeles about a pair of co-conspirators carrying out cyberattacks. One of the suspects had been identified as residing in Brandon while the second resided in the United States, and the FBI wanted to undertake a joint investigation. It has been going on for 11 months and we believe that these two individuals are carrying out DDos attacks on various systems and networks in Canada and the United States. Essentially, an attack of this nature sends an abundance of web traffic to a targeted system, making it inaccessible, thereby shutting it down for legitimate purposes. These attacks were carried out for a fee with an online service with a variety of payment plans available. Yesterday, we had scheduled the simultaneous execution of search warrants, one in Brandon and the second in San Antonio, Texas.

The Brandon target of this investigation, 18-year-old Dayne PARROTT-JONES, was arrested without incident when the warrant was executed by members of the Brandon Police Department’s Crime Unit assisting our tech in computer forensics. Members of the RCMP’s Digital Forensics Services have assisted in this investigation from the outset and were present in Brandon during the execution of the search warrant.

Once PARROTT-JONES was in custody, members at the scene observed what they believed to be a 3D printer actively printing what appeared to be the lower receiver of a handgun and a large quantity of marihuana. The Brandon Police Department currently has a member attached to the National Weapons Law Enforcement Support Team, who has traveled to the scene to provide expert advice and guidance. As a result, a second search warrant was written and authorized to search for both weapons and drugs.

The subsequent search of the residence at 2200 Pacific Avenue resulted in the seizure of the following items:

A small amount of cocaine (about 4 grams)

Approximately four pounds of illicit cannabis

A complete firearm, loaded with a high capacity magazine with most parts printed on a 3D printer

A loaded 9mm high capacity magazine

A Glock magazine loaded with 10 rounds

3 Completed Glock Pistol Lower Receivers – 3d printed

A large quantity of 9mm casings


9mm primers

9mm bullets

Many metal parts used to complete the manufacture of a Glock pistol, including complete trigger assemblies and springs

Multiple parts to complete the build of high capacity glock magazines

A sear Glock kit for conversion to fully automatic

It would appear from the located elements that PARROTT-JONES manufactures Glock firearms without serial numbers using a 3D printer. It appears to also manufacture high capacity magazines and ammunition.

PARROTT-JONES is charged with the following offences:

Mischief to Data 430(1.1) CC

Unauthorized use of a computer 1(1)(c) CC

Manufacture of a restricted firearm X 3 99 CC

Manufacture of prohibited device (sear) 99 CC

Manufacture of prohibited device (h/c magazine) 99 CC

Possess a loaded 95 CC restricted handgun

Possess a 91(1) CC restricted handgun

Own a restricted device (sear) 91(2) CC

Possess a restricted device (h/c magazine) 91(2) CC

Possession of illicit cannabis 8(1)(b) Can act

Possession of cocaine 4(2) LRCDS

Possess proceeds of crime 354(1) CC

PARROTT-JONES appeared in court and was remanded in custody.

A co-defendant, residing with PARROTT-JONES, believed to be the defendant’s girlfriend, 24-year-old Rolanda CHASKE, is not believed to be involved in the computer crimes but was arrested and charged with:

Possess a loaded 95 CC restricted handgun

Possess a 91(1) CC restricted handgun

Possess a restricted device (h/c magazine) 91(2) CC

Possession of illicit cannabis 8(1)(b) Can act

Possession of cocaine 4(2) LRCDS

Brandon Police Department

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