Cabin Management Solutions Deploys Markforged 3D Printing Technology for Aircraft Cabin Parts



Cabin management solutions (CMS) additively manufactures end-use parts for luxury aircraft interiors with two Markforged X7 carbon fiber 3D printing systems.

The company has taken advantage of 3D printing technology to “improve quality and speed” by producing cabin management, upgrade and replacement components.

Founded in 2019, CMS works with aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul companies, as well as individual aircraft owners, to develop cabin control and entertainment systems. In providing spare parts for such systems, CMS often finds that components have been discontinued or that the manufacturers who supplied them are no longer in business. To address these issues, the company turned to Markforged X7 3D printers, which enabled 3D printing of so-called high-strength, lightweight, flame-retardant and FAA-compliant parts.

In one plane, CMS additively manufactured around 100 different parts, including around 20 light switch panels, a cabin air conditioning controller, latches, release buttons, USB-C and USB-A chargers. and adjustable touch screen mounts. While the X7 printer and Onyx FR material have ensured that every printed part is FAA compliant, the company also implements overlays that mimic high-end cabin surfaces, such as wood veneer and metal electroplating. gold, to offer an additional level of personalization. In the case of the 100 pieces of this particular aircraft, most of the components were electroplated with gold-plated bezels to match the pre-existing cabin design.

Following this successful implementation of the X7 machine and Onyx FR material, CMS is also looking to use Onyx FR-A and Carbon Fiber FR-A materials from Markforged (aerospace ready versions of Onyx FR and Carbon Fiber FR). Launched earlier this year, these materials benefit from full material traceability and are currently undergoing qualification of the X7 machine through a program of the National Center for Advanced Materials Performance (NCAMP).

“In the aerospace industry, quality and on-the-fly adaptability are critical to success,” commented Jeff Pike, CMS vice president of engineering. “We often have to produce low volume, high value parts from scratch, which can be time consuming and labor intensive. Markforged’s X7 allows us to do this faster and more efficiently, while ensuring functionality and maintaining the high-end aesthetic expected in luxury aircraft.

“CMS has integrated Markforged technology into its business in a way that allows it to maintain its reputation for high quality and give itself a competitive edge,” added Markforged President and CEO Shai Terem. “Our technology isn’t just about printing parts faster and when they’re needed, but also about giving aerospace manufacturers the confidence that their parts meet the regulatory and functional requirements of their industry.

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