Cboe becomes Morningstar’s preferred index distributor

  • Cboe to Become Preferred Third-Party Distributor of All Morningstar Branded Indices
  • Deal expected to help broaden access to Morningstar indices for investors worldwide
  • Cboe Global Indices Feed publishes first 50 Morningstar-branded indices from July 1, and plans to offer the full suite of indices in the fourth quarter

Cboe Global Markets, Inc. (Cboe: CBOE), a leading provider of global market infrastructure and tradable products, announced that it has entered into an agreement with Morningstar Indexes, a leading global index provider, to begin publishing real-time intraday values ​​for Morningstar-branded indices on its Cboe Global Indices feed. With this agreement, Cboe will become the preferred third-party distributor of the full suite of Morningstar-branded indices.

Morningstar offers over 25,000 indices calculated across all major asset classes, styles and strategies to make asset allocation decisions, compare investment performance and create indexed investment products. As part of the new collaboration, Cboe Global Indices Feed will be designed to provide global market participants with seamless and efficient access to all Morningstar indices through a secure global network, delivered both on-premises and via Cboe Global Cloud, a leading real-time cloud. data based streaming service. Cboe Global Indices Feed is also expected to help broaden the distribution of Morningstar indices to new data clients around the world.

Cboe Global Indices Feed, formerly known as Cboe Streaming Market Indices (CSMI), is a streaming data service that provides over 400 real-time index values ​​to clients worldwide. Under the agreement, Cboe will distribute real-time values ​​for the top 50 Morningstar indices, including Morningstar’s range of well-known theme indices, Economic Moat Focus and ESG, as well as the recently introduced Morningstar Broad Style indices. This initial broadcast will begin on July 1 via the MSTAR channel, with additional hints launching on the MSTARC channel at a later date. Additional indices are expected to migrate to Cboe Global Indices Feed as part of a phased rollout over the coming months. With the completion of this migration, scheduled for the fourth quarter, the full suite of Morningstar-branded indices will be available through Cboe Global Indices Feed.

“We are delighted to deepen our relationship with Morningstar Indexes through this agreement and to provide the global investment community with greater access to critical tools and solutions to help them gain market transparency and make investment decisions. informed investing,” said Catherine Clay, Executive Vice President. President, Data and Access Solutions at Cboe Global Markets. “Cboe’s comprehensive, global data streaming service covers some of the world’s most innovative and followed financial benchmarks. We are excited to expand our offerings with the addition of all of Morningstar’s indices and look forward to helping extend the incredible usefulness of these products to an even broader base of customers around the world.

Enhanced by Morningstar’s intellectual property (IP), Morningstar’s portfolio of index solutions offers unparalleled value and flexibility to navigate long-term opportunities across all major asset classes, styles and strategies. Morningstar’s IP-based index solutions are backed by Morningstar’s industry-leading research and rating systems, including world-class intelligence from Morningstar Equity Research, Sustainalytics and PitchBook and, in the case of Morningstar® Broad Style IndexesSM, alignment with the Morningstar Style BoxTM.

“We are extremely excited to expand our collaboration with Cboe Global Markets to make our unique, world-class indexing approaches available to an even wider range of investors around the world,” said Ron Bundy, President of Cboe Global Markets. Morningstar Indexes Group at Morningstar. “As one of the fastest growing global index providers, we are working hard to expand our capabilities to a much wider range of investors and clients. Our deep alignment with Cboe Global Markets will help accelerate access to our industry-leading indices to further help investors emancipate themselves.

Cboe Global Indices is a leader in the creation and dissemination of volatility-based indices and derivatives. Its offerings include index design, implementation, calculation, maintenance, administration and data distribution services for a suite of custom indices and benchmarks.

Access to Cboe Global Indices Feed is available directly from Cboe and through most major industry providers. For more information on the new Morningstar Indices Channels and plans to migrate Morningstar Indices to Cboe Global Indices Feed, please see the Cboe Trade Desk Notice.

Source: Cboe


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