City council plans to ask voters to change legal publication methods on April 5 – Estes Park Trail-Gazette



At its January 11 meeting, Estes Park City Council may approve the language of polling questions that would require voters to eliminate publication in newspapers of the full text of ordinances passed by city council, and the publication of bills and statements of concern related to contracts and discounts. The City will continue the current practice of placing all of these documents on the City’s website. Approved ordinances will only be published by title in the newspaper if approved by voters, with the full text placed on the City’s website as it currently stands. The City will hold the next regular municipal election on April 5 to elect three director seats and ask voters to vote on issues like these.

Estes Park is able to consider these matters as described in the revised Colorado Statutes. Voters in communities large and small have endorsed these issues, reducing the time and financial costs of publishing for their communities and providing free, direct, and timely access to City documents on their websites. Printed versions are also provided to our office.

I encourage you to read our fact sheet on this topic, available at Please be sure to check our online records portal for the city’s complete and up-to-date records at To learn more about voting matters, election information and important dates, please visit our website at, or contact us at the City Clerk’s Office at 970-577-4777 or at [email protected]

Check out the fact sheet at



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