Court bans activist from publishing defamatory statements against Mutua



The High Court has issued interim orders barring activist Bonface Mwangi from issuing defamatory statements against Machakos governor Alfred Mutua.

This after Mutua, through his attorney Harrison Kinyajui, filed an emergency certificate requesting orders to prevent Mwangi from publishing anything about the governor pending the hearing and determination of the case that ‘he filed.

In his decision, Judge Mr. W Muigai prohibited the Respondent, its servants or agents from publishing in print or electronic media, on an electronic or web platform, or from repeating any allegations or statements. against Governor Mutua.

This after Mwangi, via his social media platforms, claimed that Mutua was behind an attempted destruction of his house in Lukenya and started calling him by nasty names.

In the case to be heard on 4e November 2021, Mutua wants Mwangi to be forced to retract and remove all defamatory statements about him.

He also wants Mwangi to be asked to publish an apology approved by the governor and having the same importance as the other publications.

The governor also wants Mwangi to undertake in writing not to publish any defamatory information against the governor in the future.

He claims he suffered significant damage to his reputation and even after informing the Respondent of his intention to sue, Mwangi continued to undermine him.

“I have been ridiculed, scandalized and despised in the eyes of well-meaning members of society, locally and internationally, being a member of a range of local and international companies and reputable governance bodies,” he said. declared.

Mutua maintains that Mwangi’s accusations are false and inaccurate and attempt to influence his position in political and business circles in particular and his position of political influence focused on the presidential contest of the 2022 election.



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