Distributor Data Solutions updates its website and branding as its solutions grow


SALT LAKE CITY – Distributor Data Solutions (DDS), the wholesale distribution industry’s leading product content solutions provider, today announces the launch of its completely redesigned website. The site’s updated design and messaging unveils new branding while clarifying the company’s solution offerings and directing visitors to the most relevant and effective customer experience based on their needs.

An innovative technology company headquartered in Utah’s thriving Silicon Slopes region, DDS offers solutions to help manufacturers and distributors deliver enhanced product content and a superior delivery experience, to their end customers, primarily for e-commerce websites and other digital applications. . The new site features simplified customer journeys and valuable new resources for manufacturers and distributors, helping them explore and engage with the company’s sophisticated offerings.

“Our solutions have matured significantly over the past few years, and they tend to be more advanced than what most companies are used to seeing in the market,” said Matt Christensen, president of DDS. “We recognized an opportunity to improve the way we explain and demonstrate the value and business impact of our services on our website, where visitors are increasingly coming in search of better ways to deliver and manage the content of their products for the best possible end-user experience. ”

The design of DDS’s new site showcases the company’s recent rebranding and reinforces its bold and authoritative presence in the marketplace. The company has rapidly expanded its footprint across multiple distribution verticals over the past two years, building on strong traction gained in the electrical distribution industry in line with its roots. DDS now serves more than a dozen complementary wholesale industries, with several more in the early stages of development. Their new site features dedicated landing pages for six of the industries where their product content offering and customer footprint are most advanced: electrical, plumbing, HVAC, industrial supply, industrial gas and welding, and industrial automation.

According to Christensen, the company has found a niche to improve the quality and communication of product content between the manufacturers who produce it, and all the “downstream” companies and end users who depend on it within a industrial ecosystem. They also found that the challenges and opportunities these companies face are consistent across countless industries, and regardless of company size or market (retail or wholesale).

“Now in our eighth year of business, we work with some of the largest manufacturers and wholesalers in the distribution industry – also some of the largest companies in the world – to provide solutions that others simply cannot. “, adds Christensen.

A major differentiator for DDS is their presence and ability to serve all of these industries (and globally), whereas most content providers and sources are confined to specific verticals or geographies, or they specialize in retail or wholesale, but not both. .

This and other differentiating features are a focal point of the company’s new website.

  • Emphasizing their role and capabilities as a technology company, the DDS site highlights the many benefits of working with highly skilled, cutting-edge solution experts to help companies meet the new and evolving challenges around product content and global digital transformation.
  • Building on their previous website releases, DDS maintains lists of their extensive and growing Network of manufacturers— the myriad of manufacturers and brands whose product content they help deliver — and their equally impressive Distributor network—a list of wholesale, retail and other channels to which they regularly provide this data.
  • The new DDS site also features a wealth of in-depth and detailed information. customer case studiesspanning both their manufacturer and distributor solution offerings, for several successful customer engagements.

“Our old site had a lot of great information, but was a bit introductory in its messaging, as we were a newer provider, and even new to some of the industries we now serve,” Christensen explains. “As visitors will see on our new site, this is a new era.”

Based in Salt Lake City, DDS (Distributor Data Solutions) is the leading content provider of e-commerce products serving the wholesale distribution industry. Developed by industry veterans, DDS helps manufacturers and distributors facilitate an exceptional e-commerce experience for their end-user customers with the strongest product and marketing information – and the smartest and most intelligent content delivery system. the most efficient available on the market. www.distributordatasolutions.com


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