Distributor iPromo launches SwagCloud with EcoCloud program to limit waste


Chicago-based retailer iPromo has announced SwagCloud with EcoCloud – a new program designed to limit leftover promotional product waste by reducing, reusing or recycling items.

“Our customers throw away 20-30% of the branded gifts they receive, either because they didn’t give them all or because the recipients didn’t need another t-shirt or notebook. Going forward, this is going to have serious long-term implications for the promotional industry, especially as Gen Z becomes the primary buyer of our products,” said Leo Friedman, Founder and CEO of iPromo, in a press release. “While eco-friendly products are a great start, EcoCloud is a long-term sustainable solution for marketers and HR departments to reduce their environmental footprint.”

Companies that have ordered products for use at an event or as an internal giveaway can return unused items to iPromo’s warehouse. From there, the customer can decide to reuse, recycle, or donate the products to charity, such as a public school or children’s home.

Programs aimed at limiting the waste of promotional products have become more common in the industry, as distributors and suppliers mobilize against critics’ perception of “trinkets and trash”. Programs like EcoCloud allow customers to order exactly what they need and return anything they haven’t used, rather than sending them to a landfill or allowing them to take up space in a storage.

“We want to empower every business that uses branded gifts to do so in a sustainable way,” Friedman said. “Start by implementing a few meaningful steps, like not printing event dates on branded products, so they can be reused in the future.”


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