Distributor Wins Design Rights Infringement Case


Core Products, represented by intellectual property specialist Taylors Solicitors, has settled a design rights infringement claim against VidaXL Marketplace and HBI Commerce.

Scotland-based Core Products has sued the retailers, alleging its Augusta range has been copied by VidaXL and HBI Commerce.

Tony Catterall of Taylors, an attorney affiliated with Anti Copying In Design (ACID), brought proceedings in the Intellectual Property Tribunal on behalf of Core Products, which sought an injunction to restrain defendants from infringing its design rights and unregistered Community Design Rights in its Augusta range, delivery of counterfeit stock, recall of counterfeit stock from channels of commerce, and payment of compensation and costs.

The parties reached a confidential settlement of the dispute.

Rebecca Horne, intellectual property attorney at Taylors, said, “We are pleased to have helped Core Products reach a resolution to this dispute. It is crucial for creators to be able to sue at an economic cost before the Intellectual Property Court to protect their work against copying, especially against large multinationals. Without the ability to do this, companies like Core Products Ltd could end up being shut out of the design market. We are pleased that we were able to agree to a settlement for Core Products within weeks of the issuance of the proceeding.

Mary Wallace of Core Products says: “Core Products is justifiably proud of its heritage of designing and developing furniture with specific features specifically tailored to UK consumers who purchase flat-packed furniture. It is only by having this dedication and experience in the furniture business that allows us to develop the pieces we sell and therefore feel that the integrity of our products must be protected – the settlement of this matter is reflect.

Dids Macdonald, OBE, CEO of ACID, added: “Counterfeiting in the furniture industry is rife and Core Product’s proactive intellectual property strategy has been aided by Taylor’s expertise in achieving its objectives of protecting its intellectual property at all costs. This sends a clear anti-copy message.


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