Dramatic Publishing and partner of Project1VOICE for the Juneteenth offer


To support Project1VOICE’s decade-plus work in the field, its mission, and in honor of the upcoming June 16 holiday, Dramatic Publishing (DPC) is making a special offer to Project1VOICE cohorts, allies, partners, collaborators, and friends. (P1V) around the country. DPC – publisher of beautiful plays since 1885 – offers a free screenplay of your choice to explore a new or old work that you may not have had the opportunity to read before.

DPC requires that only one script be exchanged per organization. DPC will make exceptions where reasonable, but wishes to discourage an organization from abusing the offer.

Eligible individuals/organizations must email DPC Customer Service and mention this offer with Project1VOICE. Please email DPC at: [email protected] with the name of the title you are interested in and the name of the organization you are with. DPC will send a digital script when available or ship a paper script if a digital script is not available. Please note that DPC does not hold the electronic rights to all titles in its catalog.

This offer is valid for regular priced game scripts ONLY (scripts that are only available in manuscript form, resource books, collections and other exceptions are NOT included). The person applying MUST be connected to a theater (for example: a theater teacher would be eligible, but not all students in the class would be). Offer can ONLY be used during the month of June.

There is no cost or commitment to receive the script. This offer cannot be applied to previously placed orders.

*Performance rights are not included in this offer. The organization/customer will need to request rights and purchase a quantity of scripts to obtain a runtime license.

For more information on DPS and its titles, visit dramapublishing.com

For more information about Project1VOICE, visit project1voice.org


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