EOS Unveils Strongest Aluminum 3D Printing Alloy Yet



EOS announced the addition of a new material to its metal 3D printing portfolio, which promises to “significantly reduce part weight” and provide “more profitable production”.

EOS Aluminum Al2139 AM is considered the Additive Manufacturing (AM) company’s strongest aluminum alloy to date and will initially be available for the EOS M 290 platform in early 2022, along with other systems. EOS DMLS which should follow.

The material offers high performance at elevated temperatures up to 200 ° C, good corrosion resistance and increased strength properties, allowing users to produce lighter parts without compromising strength, a characteristic that EOS says , will appeal to manufacturers of aviation, transportation, racing and space. Industries.

The material benefits from a one-step heat treatment process that EOS says can save companies up to 88% in active heat treatment time. When cured, Al2139 AM achieves a yield strength and tensile strength of approximately 500 MPa (megapascal), and the parts can then undergo electropolishing and anodizing processes.

Sascha Rudolph, Senior Vice President of EOS Metal Materials, said: “At EOS, we are constantly striving to improve the performance of parts manufactured by our customers, while reducing the amount of material required and streamlining manufacturing processes. production. EOS Aluminum Al2139 AM is the culmination of these efforts to put new material innovations into the hands of manufacturers.

The announcement was made during Next Forms last week, where the company also revealed the acquisition of a stake in Austrian metal materials company Metalpine with the aim of jointly developing sustainable metal powders.

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