Farsoon launches new dual-laser metal 3D printing system


Soon announced the launch of the FS200Mx2 metal 3D printing platform in the AMEA and North American markets.

The machine is Farsoon’s latest addition to its mid-size metal powder bed laser fusion portfolio and comes equipped with a 500 watt dual laser configuration and a build volume of 425 x 230 x 300mm. It is said to be suitable for mass production and medium to high volume metal prototypes.

With its dual laser scanning technology and advanced calibration algorithms, Farsoon believes the FS200Mx2 offers one of the highest build rate volumes in its class. The dual laser configuration helps increase productivity, while advanced calibration algorithms precisely control the operations of both lasers to achieve intelligent distribution of laser run time. A smoother laser overlap area for more uniform properties, while the machine is also able to integrate multiple scanning strategies of different layer thicknesses into a single build depending on the application needs. Users can also customize machine process settings thanks to the open architecture of the FS200Mx2.

Other features of the FS200Mx2 are an integrated two-stage filter module, a filtration system that can last up to 1500 hours depending on the material used, and an advanced gas flow layout and unique cover blade that help achieve consistent part properties throughout the process. building platform. In-chamber cameras facilitate in-process monitoring, including overlay device monitoring to analyze each layer in real time. The machine also features a high-efficiency top-feed powder system, which would include a powder refill unit that can be easily docked and a sensor to alert the operator when material is low.

“Farsoon’s FS200M is a high value metal system in pursuit of productivity, cost effectiveness and ease of use for a wide range of industrial applications,” commented Don Xu, Director of Farsoon Global Business Group and Director General of Farsoon Americas. Corp. “The rectangular build chamber is well suited for manufacturing large parts that favor one axis, such as aerospace, automotive, and tooling applications.”

Farsoon said the FS200Mx2 is now open for Early Adopter Program applications. The company will exhibit at FAST+TCT next week, where he can discuss the new platform, at booth #2331.

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