Fogra certifies Ricoh Pro VC70000 to the highest industry standards – covering printing inks, coatings and related industries

the Ricoh The Pro VC70000 is the only continuous feed inkjet press available on the market to hold the prestigious Fogra Validation Printing System (VPS) certification. This recognition confirms compliance with the highest industry standards and gives customers confidence in its ability to produce excellent prints consistently and repeatedly.

Fogra is a leading research center for the printing industry. Fogra VPS’s rigorous testing assesses whether systems that produce a paper-based validation print directly from digital data are ISO 12647-8 compliant. It considers a wide range of criteria, including proofing, substrate color and gloss, color accuracy, lightfastness, and PDF/X compliance.

Fogra has approved the Ricoh Pro VC70000 for compliance with ISO 12647-8 under two different printing conditions:

• Fogra59 (Exchange color space updated for wide color gamut printers).
• Fogra51 (for ISO 12647-2:2013 printing on Premium coated paper).

Recognition of the Ricoh Pro VC70000 follows Fogra certifications for the Ricoh Pro C9200, Ricoh Pro C7200 and Ricoh Pro C5300 sheetfed color presses.

Ricoh’s Customer Experience Center in Telford, UK has received FograCert ProcessStandard Digital (PSD) PrintCheck Digital certifications with the Ricoh Pro VC70000. The 12-month certification certifies Ricoh’s color accuracy capability and print consistency to Fogra PSD – ISO/TS 15311-2 specifications.

“The Fogra certification confirms the high quality results delivered by the Ricoh Pro VC70000,” said Clive Stringer, DC Power Manager, High End Software, Graphic Communications Group, Ricoh Europe. “It gives our customers confidence in its ability to consistently produce excellent prints with which they can drive their business forward. We are proud that this is the latest industry recognition of the system’s industry-leading performance capabilities, joining the Printing Industries of Americas (PIA) InterTech Technology Award and an EDP award.


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