Folarin denounces a lawsuit by N10bn against Cable Newspaper for “defamatory publication”


By Akinwande Soji-Ojo

The lawmaker representing the Central Senatorial District of Oyo and the All Progressives Congress (APC) gubernatorial candidate in the state, Senator Teslim Folarin, has filed a N10 billion lawsuit against The Cable Newspaper, for an alleged “libelous publication”.

A letter written and addressed to The Cable by AT Adebayo Esq., on behalf of Abiodun Adebayo & Co, representatives of Folarin, on Monday said the outlet had decided to feed its readers lies and falsehoods for better reasons. known.

Adebayo also said the post “is calculated to belittle, slander and degrade the person of our client in the minds of ordinary members of society for no other reason than the monetary gain and publicity your stable currently lacks.”

The cable had in an online report, titled “Why Top Politician Teslim Folarin Took AGF Malami’s Sister as New Wife”, posted on Monday, June 13, said the gubernatorial candidate took the sister of the Federation Attorney General, Abubakar Malami, as his new bride.

In the post, the medium wrote: “As tragic as his death was, his widower, Senator Folarin seems to have put him behind him and moved on with his life and, as the sources say, also moved on to a new wife. . Those in the know say that Folarin found love in one of the sisters of the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation, Abubaka Malami.

“Although the youngest minister appointed by President Muhamadu Buhari in 2015 (he was 48 then), Malami, a senior lawyer from Nigeria, is considered an influential member of the cabal around the president. The very minister has a stronghold on the president having served as legal adviser to Congress for incremental change on which President Buhari ran for president and failed in 2011. Folarin’s eagerness to settle quickly with his sister is therefore understandable.

“Fortunately for him, the dividends started to roll in as Folarin contested and won the All Progressives Congress APC, gubernatorial ticket in Oyo State. Bayo Adelabu, who flew the party flag during of the 2019 elections, angrily left the party, complaining that he had been muscled by Folarin, Oyo State Politics’ new power bloc.

But Adebayo said there was not an iota of truth in the online post as it concerned the senator, his family and political associates.

“You will recall that Senator Folarin has been a super politician for a long time and has a broad base of support that he can easily rely on at any time for his political aspirations. He didn’t need anyone’s patronage and/or influence before he could succeed politically.

“Through your post you have widely spread lies because our client is not married to AGF Malami’s sister and or any other woman as the passing of his beloved wife is still fresh in his mind.

“It is undeniable that Mr. Malami, SAN, is a Minister to the President of the Federal Republic, the only relationship our client has with him is like any other politician while the AGF does not deal with politics and does not did not at any time influence any action in favor of our client.

“It is up to your stable to provide the general public with the source of your information about the alleged marriage, our client is not keen on settling down with a woman and has not projected himself as such.

“The achievement recorded by our client in the last APC primary that produced him as the Party candidate in Oyo State was the product of hard work, teamwork, goodwill and mercy of God, contrary to your insinuation that it was the product of his relationship with the Honorable Attorney General of the Federation.

“There is no doubt that your publication is calculated to belittle, slander and degrade the person of our client in the minds of ordinary members of society for no other reason than the monetary gain and publicity which your stable currently lacks.

“The entire content of your post was directed at our client and was highly defamatory to say the least. In fact, you maliciously caused the online post knowing full well it was untrue but with the intention of smearing our client’s reputation as a distinguished Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“At the time of writing, you will agree with us that your post has enjoyed wide circulation across the country and around the world via the internet and other social media platforms with which many supporters have flooded our client phone calls, messages and e-mails in order to confirm the veracity or otherwise of your story.

“Furthermore, our client could no longer concentrate on his mission because your malicious posting portrayed him in a bad light and as an object of mockery, opprobrium, contempt and tears from all. The ill effects of your posting are just too deep and far reaching,” Adebayo said.

The attorney noted that to assuage Folarin’s already-troubled feelings, the outlet should post:

“An immediate retraction of your June 13, 2022 online publication titled as above within 7 days of receipt of such correspondence, which retraction must be published in 3 (three) different national daily newspapers for three consecutive days.
“The national documents recommended for this are:
a) The Nigeria Tribune
b) The punch c) The nation

“A written commitment not to engage in such unprofessional conduct in the future.

“The sum of ten billion naira (N10,000,000,000.00) being damages for the adverse effects of your posting on our client.”

Adebayo added that if the outlet fails, refuses or neglects to yield to the demands within seven days, it will take legal action against him in court.


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