FTA President Mark Cisternino resigns from flexo association – Covering printing inks, coatings and allied industries

FTA President Mark Cisternino has announced his intention to retire at the end of 2022, after nearly four decades of service to the association and its members. the ALE The FFTA Board and Board of Directors will lead the search process for the association’s next president, which will take place in the first half of the year.

“I have to say…I really have mixed emotions about making the decision. Not being a ‘spring chicken’, I knew the time would come,” Cisternino said. last few years I started to see retirement on the horizon, but when discussions with my wife – who just retired at the end of 2021 – started to point to a specific date for me, I started to enter into an area where I didn’t really believe I was in my 60s and it was okay to consider making the decision.

After briefing the boards at the end of 2021 on his decision, Cisternino felt a “tremendous weight” lifted from his shoulders, at which point his immediate focus shifted to planning the process of selecting a successor.

“So, saying all of that, I feel good to announce my retirement and to work hard to seek out the new FTA president,” he concluded.

Cisternino’s leadership, drive and dedication to the flexographic industry have helped shape FTA and its many initiatives. Among a litany of accomplishments during his tenure with the Association: The creation of the Technical Education Services (TEST) team, the FIRST certification program, and the FTA Virtual Campus; as well as the creation of the Flexo Quality Consortium (FQC), the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) and the FTA Strategic Planning Initiative.

He also brought FTA into the electronic age with the launch of the FTA website, a digital edition of FLEXO Magazine, an online store and a social media presence on major networks. And, long before their notoriety, he steered the association towards virtual events that now encompass several series of webinars.

“Mark’s name is as synonymous with FTA as FORUM, FIRST and FLEXO, and it is due to his outstanding dedication and leadership over a long career,” said FTA Vice President Brad Pareso. “On behalf of all the staff at the FTA, I thank Mark for his decades of service and setting the Association up for success in its next chapter.”

In 2016, Cisternino was inducted into the FTA Hall of Fame in recognition of his contributions to the association and the flexographic industry. He considers this honor the high point of his long career as he shares it with members of the industry he admires.

“From the start of my time at FTA, I have revered the industry icons bestowed upon this honor. Many were before me, but without exception, year after year as new inductees were selected, I identified with what made them worthy and why the industry is doing so much better because of their commitment,” Cisternino said of his induction. “To this day, I still cry knowing that these same people I admired so much felt I deserved to be by their side.”

The search for the next President of the Association is led by the Boards of the FTA and FFTA. The association also uses the services of an independent human resources firm to facilitate the communication process and ensure that research is carried out quickly and efficiently.

“FTA and FFTA have outstanding boards. Every member of the Board of Directors is fully committed to running our business,” Cisternino said. “My primary goal is to ensure the entire process is transparent and anyone interested in pursuing the position has full access through a clear pipeline.”


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