GEW Inks Distributor Partnership in North America

Effective immediately, GEW will be represented for its sheetfed and wide web offset businesses across North America by GMH UV LLC.

Based in the Midwest, GMH UV is led by industry stalwart Grieg Heimbuch. A lifelong graphic arts veteran, Heimbuch has spent the past 40 years in equipment sales.

GMH UV is now a dedicated partner and distributor of the GEW UV product line for the sheetfed industry in North America, and will provide full sales coverage throughout the territory. The company will be supported by a multi-million dollar parts inventory and a large, experienced service team already in place at GEW Inc in Ohio. Together they are ready to meet all of their customers’ reliability needs, focusing on keeping printers in good working order and running great UV and LED products. All services and spare parts will continue to be provided through GEW’s established infrastructure, while GMH UV will focus entirely on sales and business development.

“GEW’s foil UV and LED products exceed the quality and reliability requirements that GMH UV has set as a priority,” says Heimbuch. “An exact combination of power, quality and price makes GEW’s UV equipment perfectly suited to supply the high performance, high volume printing market with GMH UV which represents how Sheetfed UV printing has matured in the over the past decade.”

Heimbuch has surrounded GMH UV with experts in all aspects of UV curing and printing, creating a highly skilled team to provide the most cutting-edge process and product support in the industry. GMH UV has an “in the field” service format that will eliminate the current “call and hold down” customer service support so notorious in existing equipment delivery systems.

This quest for reliability and productivity is also supported by GEW’s remote monitoring service. Robert Rae, General Sales Manager at GEW, explains: “All new GEW UV systems are continuously monitored over the internet, allowing encrypted system performance data to be sent live to GEW, to ensure fastest and most accurate service response available Each lamp’s complete service history is recorded and viewable by GEW engineers in the USA, including all settings, faults and operator commands One program preventative maintenance will recommend software or hardware updates and can highlight and correct out-of-tolerance settings before any issues arise on-site.”

Rae goes on to provide some background to this latest evolution of GEW’s North American sales strategy: “Over the past year, GEW Inc’s sales organization has undergone a significant restructuring. We have an excellent product range in our narrow web, sheetfed and wide web printing and coating markets and a service organization with an enviable reputation. However, we needed to find a way to expand into the growing sheetfed packaging market without losing sight of our core narrow web printing markets. This exciting partnership with GMH enables us to do just that with GEW Inc maintaining its historic focus and GMH spearheading sheetfed and wide web offset printing. »

With GMH UV and GEW, Heimbuch is committed to bringing the best possible world of UV and LED to sheetfed printers across North America. He comments, “GEW not only brings the experience and commitment of the world’s largest UV graphic arts company to the North American market, but they have partnered with GMH UV to meet and exceed the production needs of our customers. I couldn’t be more thrilled. to represent GEW and help improve the way printers are used in the North American market. »

Rae concludes: “We are confident that GMH UV’s sales acumen and industry expertise combined with GEW’s high quality UV and LED products and services will be a breath of fresh air for a sheetfed offset market lacking in new options.


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