How a Distributor Uses Printing and Promotion for Healthcare Customers


It’s never too late to learn new things. Maybe you are a promotions distributor who hasn’t ventured into the world of print, or vice versa. Maybe you are new to the whole industry, and it all sounds a little intimidating. (Don’t worry, we also remember our first trade show.)

Trish Arena, Senior Account Manager for Franklin Group United States, Brooklyn, NY, remembers when she was new to the industry so she had no choice but to get into printing and promotion with both feet. She retained that sense of curiosity and willingness to ask for help from others, and it has served her well in her career. Here she describes how she now uses printing and promotion.

Promotional Marketing: In what ways do you use print and promotional products together?

Trish Arena: I work primarily with the health care side of our client book. Promotional items are a great way to get your message across, your brand, and your campaigns. It’s a tangible item that, if you order correctly, the recipient can use it multiple times, reinforcing the intention behind it.

The need to gain staff and show recognition has been a challenge for many. We have several printing applications here with promotional items, packaging and note cards and / or welcome letters. It’s a great way to use all aspects of printing. We can even add a badge or lanyard and a business card. This idea is limitless to customer needs as long as you have an implementation team.

PM: How does the combination of printing and promotion meet customer needs?

AT: The print is the CEO’s “Welcome to the Team” or “Thank You” to make the member feel personally appreciated. The personalized box is an experience. We all love to receive packages, especially filled with gifts just for you! At the end of the day, that’s what the customer needs, the little extra behind the “We love you!” Message. “

A slide from a Franklin Group USA pitch deck used to present products to a healthcare customer. | Credit: Trish Arena, Franklin Group USA

PM: What challenges have you encountered while working with kits like these?

TA: Pricing the kits was laborious, and finding the right items and setting up the levels was difficult. The key is to know your customer, the budgets and the types of items they like so that you are close to the range to make that purchase viable for them. … [The promotion] is a single color printing option, and I am currently reworking it to be full color upon customer request. You rotate and rework things. Sometimes you get close but miss the mark. Having an open dialogue and great partnerships with our clients makes all the difference in problem solving.

PM: What advice would you give to distributors wishing to work on similar projects?

AT: Don’t be intimidated by the unknown or the big idea that you don’t know how to bring it to life yet. So many people in this industry have taught me things, so contact your suppliers. They are knowledgeable and can usually take your great idea to another level.

PM: Is there anything else you would like to add?

AT: Marketing campaigns are a great way to secure both sides of the printing business while helping your customer. As mentioned earlier, I mainly work with healthcare facilities. I take the time to peruse the calendar of health care events on a quarterly basis. Examples are Nursing Home Week, Doctors Day, Social Worker Month, etc. I usually send upcoming events for the coming quarter, and… we start there.

We then work on a slogan to tie it all together and build from that. [for] the printed and promotional items that complement this. Being proactive is the best way to get the most out of your customers, but also to show them [that] even when you don’t have anything in the works, you think about them and their needs. It goes very far.


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