HZG Group raises €60 to support early-stage 3D printing startups


HZG Group raised 60 million euros for its HZG Additive Manufacturing Technology Fundwhich will support start-ups in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The fund closed at the upper limit of €60m due to “significant oversubscription”. Initially, the fund closed at €50 million, with €25 million invested by Kerstin Herzog and Frank Carsten Herzog – the original founders of Concept Laser. Since then, renowned family offices, experienced entrepreneurs and other investors have reportedly subscribed to the remaining shares of the fund.

Investments made by the HZG Additive Manufacturing Tech Fund will focus on all areas of additive manufacturing and related industrial fields, encompassing machines, processes, applications and services in the context of Industry 4.0. The organization plans to make two to three investments a year, with a research and development center in Lichtenfels being built “to the highest international standards”. This site is developed in partnership with NADDCONanother brand of the HZG group which “bundles the infrastructure necessary to test and optimize the applicable digital technologies of the future”.

“We were convinced that our offer would attract investors. However, being able to close the fund so quickly was a pleasant surprise,” commented Frank Carsten Herzog, Founder and Managing Partner of HZG Group. “We are fortunate to have assembled a select group of investors with whom we can engage in intensive dialogue. With our combined experience, proven track record, and access to excellent 3D printing infrastructure, we aim to effectively support young entrepreneurs, take them to the next level, and establish them as business partners. ‘industry.

“As a technology leader in laser systems for the eyes, SCHWIND eye-tech solutions is constantly working on innovative solutions,” added Rolf Schwind, one of the investors in the HZG fund. “Additive technologies allow us to rethink our high-tech products. The clear focus of the HZG Fund on 3D printing and the experience of Frank Carsten Herzog and Kerstin Herzog as pioneers in this field convinced me to continue investing in this topic of the future.

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