In Rebuttal: Deborah Diltz: Insults in Letter, Attacks on Trump ‘Unworthy of Publication’


Norm Gellatly’s recent letter in these pages (“Could the DOJ Take Trump Out of Service?”, August 13) strikes me as unworthy of publication in the Sun Journal or any other legitimate news source.

It’s a ubiquitous list of insults and personal attacks on Donald Trump that we can all read anywhere, anytime, any day of the week. How does this advance the national debate? Calling Trump names like “dangerous impostor,” “jester,” “boorish enemy,” and “threat,” while accusing him of having a “vocabulary pool of just over 100 words,” is, to say the least. ridiculous.

He provides no examples to support his opinions; he simply hates and insults Donald Trump, the only US president since Thomas Jefferson and James Madison to put America first, for which he was persecuted, spied on, impeached and maligned for at least six years.

People should think about it. What does he tell them? This tells me that the Washington Swamp hates the American people and wants to destroy everything we hold dear.

In conclusion, it might be useful to remember that those who cannot argue on the merits always resort to ad hominem attacks. Surely this newspaper from the great state of Maine, where many of my family members still live, is worth more than that.

Deborah Diltz, Chester, New York

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