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Three other entries qualified as finalists

The editorial and design team of Inside Unmanned Systems was honored for “Best Number of a Tabloid/Newspaper/Magazine” in its revenue category at the 68th Jesse H. Neal Awards celebrating business-to-business media. The ceremony took place recently in New York.

“Excellent editorial craftsmanship, attractive photography and graphics. News coverage! the judges commented on the IUS “Science and Research” question.

Inside Unmanned Systems is published by Autonomous Media. “I would like to congratulate our team of journalists, editors and designers, whose vision, creativity and execution in technical storytelling have been recognized as best in class,” said editor Richard Fischer. “This award validates our commitment to our global audience: providing content that explains complex solutions, advances technical knowledge, and deepens understanding of the art and science of unmanned and autonomous capabilities and benefits.”

In the issue cited, an “Up Close With…” package looked at the expertise of NOAA (the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration). In-depth analysis explored UAS solutions in multiple areas: rise with HAPS/HALE stratospheric solar drones, survey of hurricanes and other celestial phenomena via unmanned technologies, deployment of underwater drone missions to learn more about the algae, microbes and oil spills. Other stories have shed light on drones defending nature by aiding species counts and thwarting poachers, and captured intriguing ways drone researchers are mimicking the tried and true flight-friendly characteristics of creatures from swifts to insects.

Dedicated technology coverage included sensor analysis and other solutions that empower UAS. In-depth specific stories in the PNT needed to collect effective climate data, which informs reliable and affordable positioning, and the specifics of robust and accurate servos.

Finally, our columnists have inventoried a list of research programs, shown how the major government research organizations are progressing towards autonomy and looked at major market trends.

“This award,” said editor Abe Peck, “is based not only on the work of our talented staff, but on input from highly knowledgeable sources and, most importantly, on progress made across the unmanned space.”

Additionally, “Mars Ingenuity Helicopter Package” magazine and its “Sensors: A Force Multiplier” column were named finalists in three categories.

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