IT distributor Westcoast acquires German company KOSMA


IT distributor Westcoast has merged with German company KOMSA to create a united entity that generates 5.5 billion euros in revenue per year.

The Reading-based distributor said the move would give it access to the German market, with the merger billed as a “strategic partnership” that will ultimately see Westcoast take over the shares of the KOMSA founders.

Westcoast, which is the largest UK distributor according to CRN estimates, already operates in France and Ireland but currently has no significant presence in Europe’s largest IT market, Germany. In the past, it attempted to bolster its European coverage through the European Wholesale Group, an alliance with several other distributors that dissolved in 2008.

The merger creates a structure with a turnover of more than 5.5 billion euros, 2,200 employees and which brings together more than 400 technology partners with 30,000 commercial partners.

Joe Hemani, President and Founder of Westcoast, said, “We will bring our expertise from the highly competitive IT market to the telecommunications world, which will improve the customer experience and the range of services available. With access to the German growth market, where we have not been significantly active so far, we are also strategically expanding our market position.

Westcoast is the largest independent company in the Thames Valley with a turnover of £6.3billion in 2021.


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