Its publication Campus welcomes a new board for the fall semester


Each year, a significant number of Florida women join the Her Campus publication. Founded in 2009, Florida State’s Her Campus publication is the largest women-led publication on campus and one of the largest in the United States.

According to Her Campus Nationals, Her Campus FSU is considered an “elite level” Chapter which places them in the top 5% of all Her Campus Chapters, releasing the most content each week and regularly collaborating with Nationals on different campaigns . With over 10,000 views per week on their articles and over 10,000 followers on Instagram, it’s clear that they have a remarkable influence on the Florida State campus.

Previously, Jackie Pfieil was the publication’s editor and Christian Pruitt was its president. Now that the spring semester is coming to an end, the organization has elected new executive chairs for the coming year. Lane Webb was announced as the new editor and Erin Krum as the new president.

Webb is currently a junior at Florida State and has had previous writing experience over the years. “I have known His Campus since high school. I remember reading the different chapters of published articles and thinking that I really wanted to be part of it. I was on the newspaper team at my high school and wanted to keep writing and growing,” Webb said. “Fortunately, when I decided to attend FSU, I found out that we had a really fantastic chapter of Her Campus, and I’ve been with the organization since my very first semester.”

Krum will enter her third and final year this fall at Florida State as a public relations major. She arrived in this organization with virtually no training, but quickly understood.

“When I joined Her Campus, I had absolutely no formal writing experience or new college friends at FSU,” Krum said. “At his campus, I learned to write using AP Style, built a professional portfolio of social media posts and articles, and met some of my best friends who have all helped me grow during this stage of my life.”

With such a level of leadership, there are bound to be challenges that this new leader will have to face.

“Leading a chapter of over 100 women is incredibly daunting and, as with any leadership position, dealing with feelings of insecurity and self-doubt will always be a challenge,” Krum said. “Because of this, I think I’m very nervous about the impostor syndrome type feelings that may arise.”

Luckily, with these new roles, there’s a lot more to waiting for than being nervous. With over 100 diverse women serving as members of the publication, Krum and Webb hope to build deep relationships with each individual they soon manage.

“I’m just really excited to be the person who can make other people feel the same way about this. I want to learn everyone’s names, and I want to expand the relationships we all have with each other. others and the relationship Her Campus has with the FSU community,” Webb said.

Part of what makes Her Campus such a great on-campus organization is its role as a springboard into the world of writing for many female undergraduates.

“We always make it clear from the start that HC is a learning publication. You don’t have to be an expert writer to write for us,” Webb said. “We want everyone to be a part of Her Campus, and we encourage whatever goals you might have in mind when you join.”

Not only is there a path for writers, but the organization also has a large social network that allows for many social media positions. With over 2,000 followers on Twitter, over 10,000 on Instagram and over 500k monthly views on Pinterest, marketing has become an integral part of publishing. As a result, women with a wide range of interests can find a home.

“Anyone who isn’t sure about applying, do so,” Krum said. “I wasn’t sure I applied. I’m so grateful that I did it because I really don’t think I would have had half as amazing a college experience as I had if I hadn’t.

Applications for Fall 2022 open in late April on their Instagram, @HerCampusFSU.


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