IWSC Announces List of Finalists for Wine Distributor of the Year Award


Each year, the IWSC rewards individual beverages, awarding gold, silver, and bronze awards to wines, wine-based beverages, spirits, weak or no alternatives, RTDs, and ciders. Beyond the bottles, the IWSC is also keen to recognize the creativity of the companies that bring these beverages to the consumer. Companies that import and distribute these bottles. These companies are distinguished by our Corporate Awards.

The Wine Distributor of the Year award was created to recognize wholesale, import and distribution companies that are leading the way in providing consumers with their favorite beverages. With recent hurdles, not limited to Brexit, delivery issues and covid, the companies awarded these awards must find new ways of working in a rapidly changing industry.

The judging panel for this year’s award was made up of experts from across the industry: three Masters of Wine – Ali Cooper, Junior Vianna and Sarah Abbott – as well as renowned industry expert Christine Parkinson and completing the judging panel, Christelle Guibert of the IWSC.

It was clear that each of the entrants had taken great care of their entries, and all had impressive accomplishments to highlight over the past 12 months. Before deciding on the shortlist, the judges agreed that they needed to take a 360° look at each of the entrants, looking at the company as a whole and taking into account their individual experience of each company.

The IWSC is delighted to unveil its 2022 shortlist for Wine Distributor of the Year:

Hallgarten and Novum wines

Hallgarten is the company that has really stood out in terms of progress made in its sustainability journey. Clearly on the right track and one of the leaders in the industry, our judges applauded the fact that he was already ISO 14001 accredited and was aspiring to re-certify in the coming year, with plans to be carbon neutral by 2023.

After expanding its range of wines and producers in 2021, Hallgarten continues to expand its portfolio with reputable and quality producers. She views her relationships with her winemakers as partnerships, working collaboratively, in a joint approach to achieve mutually agreed upon goals.

Communication is key to building strong and meaningful relationships with clients, and Hallgarten achieves this through its impressive ‘Assemblage’ magazine which is sent to clients three times a year, as well as its monthly digital newsletters. Also positioned to provide quality education to its customers, Hallgarten is an accredited WSET provider, offering structured education programs from Level 1 to Level 3.

A perfectly reliable company with a genuine concern for reducing its impact on the environment, our judges were unanimous in the decision to include Hallgarten in our 2022 shortlist.

Liberty Wines


photo credit: skin + pulp

There was a lot of praise from our judges for the work done by Liberty Wines over the past 12 months. At a time when a combination of Brexit, covid and the transport crisis meant that customers were often found waiting for stock or running out of stock, Liberty were proud to share with us that 99.5% of their orders were n were unaffected because of his foresight. He anticipated peaks in demand and kept producers informed, shipped more and shipped sooner – so customers always had the wine they needed.

Liberty grew its accounts by more than 700 last year – an incredibly impressive achievement during such a disruptive time for commerce. Supporting customers with its magazine as well as its education and training programs, the judges found Liberty to be a company that practices what it preaches.

In addition to caring for its customers, Liberty staff enjoy an impressive array of benefits and mental health initiatives.

Complemented by a quality selection of excellent additions to the portfolio, 2021 has been a year of outstanding performance for Liberty.

North South Wines


Another company that impressed our judges with its focus on sustainability, North South Wines achieved BRC ‘Agents and Brokers’ AA Grade certification, and perhaps more impressively began its journey towards achieving BCorp accreditation. , with the admirable intention of being accredited by 2023.

A pioneer of a “culture of quality,” the judges found North South Wines to be a company worthy of admiration. A company that is smaller than its shortlisted counterparts, it is a company that punches above its weight in terms of production. A relatively young company at just 8 years old, North South Wines has overcome the hurdles of covid and Brexit, showing great business leadership.

The company’s new vision means that it has really taken on digital communication with its customers, sharing regular communication via its blog and has really made a name for itself on social media. A valuable addition to the 2022 shortlist for the IWSC Wine Distributor of the Year award.

The winner of the IWSC Wine Distributor of the Year awardwill be announced on Monday, April 11.


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