JA Solar signs 2022 cooperation agreement with Mexican distributor Exel Solar – pv magazine International


According to the agreement, the two sides will continue to strengthen cooperation and work together to continue to provide high-efficiency modules and high-quality services. The two companies will also continue to promote sustainable development in the local photovoltaic market.

Exel Solar, the main distributor of PV modules in Mexico, is fully committed to the application and development of solar PV energy in the local market. JA Solar entered the Mexican market in 2016, when cooperative relations were established between the two companies. In the Mexican market, JA Solar has witnessed the continued growth of its business. Based on its high recognition in the market, the company was awarded Top Brand PV 2022 by EUPD Research in the Mexican market. The company believes that by taking advantage of abundant solar resources and government policies supporting renewable energy, the two companies can fully showcase their rich experience and numerous advantages in the photovoltaic field. This will not only better serve the local PV market, but also push towards achieving carbon neutrality.

JA Solar attaches great importance to the global distribution system and has entered into long-term global cooperation agreements with several distributors such as Exel Solar. With a product offering and service network covering a total of 135 countries and regions around the world, JA Solar is committed to providing high quality products and localized services to its global customers. In the future, JA Solar will continue to strengthen cooperation with more distributors around the world and provide even more efficient modules while continuously improving services for the market. This additional momentum will provide a catalyst for the further sustainable development of the photovoltaic industry.


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