Junior Graphic, Parables Publication Organizes Easter Promotion


The Junior Graphic and Parables Publication held an Easter holiday promotion for schoolchildren across the country during the filming of the February 28 crossroads.

Playful story-based activities aim to make learning history fun and memorable for children.
A statement released and signed by the managing director of Parables Publication, Mr. Cycil Jones Abban, said that there will also be an animated film on roadshows in some parts of the country.
“The newspaper edition will include fun games and activities through which children will learn some key historical facts about the February 28 shootings at the Crossroads in 1948,” the statement said.
He added that there will be plenty of prizes including tickets to watch the animated film picking up the filming event.
The holiday promotion is also part of the promotion preparing for the May 25 screening, and there will be interactive sessions with the public in Accra to coincide with the African Union (AU) Day celebration which is taking place. the same day.
The statement highlighted that “the AU Day celebration event aims to inspire the younger generation and restructure their thought processes to align with the new African perspective of storytelling and folk music.
It will also create ways to help us achieve the true African unity that we aspire to.”
The film 28th Crossroads is Ghana’s first full-length animated film that chronicles a significant portion of Ghana’s political history.
It is produced by Parables Studio, in collaboration with animation Africa. It is a 50 minute film directed by Mr Abban.


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