Katsina Attorney General El-Marzuq Orders Arrest, Detention Of Journalist For Publication


Katsina State Police, acting on the orders of the Attorney General and Justice Commissioner Ahmad El-Marzuq, arrested a journalist, El Zaharadeen Umar, for a publication.

SaharaReporters found that Umar was arrested by police over the weekend and detained for more than three days.

The correspondent of the newspaper Leadership Hausa was charged with “hate speech, incisive publication and cyberbullying”.

Some aggrieved state activists organize a demonstration to demand Umar’s freedom.

They also lambasted the Nigerian Union of Journalists for remaining silent as its member is persecuted by the commissioner despite the guarantee of freedom of expression in the Nigerian constitution.

“A journalist is a watchdog of society. He is not a criminal in the exercise of his profession, it is not a crime especially in a system of democratic governance. No one should intimidate a journalist by exercising excessive power or by any other means, ”wrote one activist, Comrade Yahaya M. Abdullahi.

“Journalism can never be silent: it is its greatest virtue and its greatest flaw. He must speak, and speak immediately, while the echoes of wonder, pretensions of triumph and signs of horror are still in the air, according to Henry Anatole Grunwald.

“Walter Lippmann said that there can be no higher law in journalism than to speak the truth and shame the devil.

“Tan Hongkai also expressed this opinion; I believe that journalism, wherever it is, should be based on social justice and impartiality, making contributions to society and taking responsibility in society. Whether you are a capitalist, a socialist or a Marxist, journalists should have the same professional integrity.

“No matter your status, you can’t silence a journalist. #freeelzaharadeenumar.

Katsina State has a history of illegal arrests and intimidation of journalists.
For example, on September 19, 2016, police illegally arrested Jamil Mabai, editor of Cliqq Magazine and columnist for Katsina Reporters.
On September 6, Mabai took to social media to criticize the state’s governor, Aminu Masari, for distributing 3,000 coffins to mosque officials.

Mabai was released on bail after 22 days of illegal detention.

Also in July 2017, another state journalist, Danjuma Katsina, was illegally arrested and detained for allegedly making “insulting comments” about a newly elected member of the State House of Representatives, Mansur Mashi.

Katsina posted a comment on Facebook in which he analyzed the result of the previously conducted Mashi / Dutsi by-election, wondering why Mashi was allowed to run for office despite a trial for alleged corruption.


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