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Melba Kiser

Noblesville resident Melba Kiser has announced that she will be running for the Noblesville School Board. The Cuban native immigrated to the United States as a child and relishes the opportunities to live the “American Dream”.

“I was lucky enough to live that dream,” she said. “I want our children and grandchildren to have the same opportunities.”

Kiser, who holds a business degree, has worked in pharmaceutical production, electronic monitoring with microbiological supervision in a food factory, and research and development. Now retired, she devotes her time to community service activities.

“Our students face many challenges and should have many and varied opportunities based on their talents and skills,” Kiser said. “Retreat and the depth and breadth of my life experiences allow me to focus on helping our students to be their best.”

Kiser said while Noblesville schools have been recognized for their STEM curriculum, jazz
sports program and programs, she believes that there is also a percentage of students who
don’t know the basics.

“As taxpayers, more than 50% of our taxes go to education. I want to make sure that our tax dollars give all students the best education possible,” she said. “I attended the monthly meetings to listen and learn what is happening. Additionally, I have publicly commented on issues that concern me as a grandparent and taxpayer.

Kiser pledged to push for legislation in Indiana that would improve the K-12 education system. She also monitors civics curriculum standards to ensure that students are learning civics.


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