Korean Hanho Becomes Newest Distributor of Verton Safe Lifting Technology


Hanho International has always placed safety and efficiency at the forefront of its crane operations, and its new distribution agreement with Verton will also secure its reputation as an industry innovator. As of now, Hanho distributes Verton’s load lifting and steering technology across South Korea / Korea. Verton’s remote-controlled load steering products rotate suspended loads without the need for slogans, using sophisticated gyroscopes and control systems, eliminating the need for personnel near or under loads.

Since 1989, Hanho International has been one of the leading exporters and importers of used cranes in Korea. They have earned the trust of their customers by consistently supplying high quality cranes in excellent condition to a wide range of industries. They specialize in crawler cranes, all terrain cranes and all terrain cranes, while meeting the diverse needs of their customers.

Hanho International CEO Jim Park says the partnership with Verton will be of significant benefit to their clients.

“To put it simply, no one else is doing what Verton is doing to improve worker safety on the job site,” he said.
“No other technology offers this significant level of risk suppression while providing a cost effective solution that also enables more efficient operations. “

“Our market research shows that our target market for Verton solutions will initially include installation, management and planning companies, and crane rental companies. “

“We are excited and proud to offer the Verton line of products to our customers. “
Verton CEO Tim Ekert said this distribution deal with Hanho International will result in safer and faster turnaround times for countless projects.

“It’s exciting to see new audiences benefiting from Verton’s technology in their lifting operations,” he said.
“Verton’s line of lifting solutions utilize sophisticated gyroscopes and control systems that make even the most difficult jobs safer, without the need for slogans or poles. “

“In addition, from the point of view of productivity and efficiency, the load arrives at its destination in the right orientation thanks to the control system on board our equipment while controlling the load via our remote control, even in the event of gusts. sudden wind. Coupled with our intelligent technology that captures and analyzes data from lifting operations to identify opportunities for improvement, our solutions are designed to improve lifting operations for everyone.

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Verton is an innovative technology company and inventor of the world’s first remote-controlled load steering system. This revolutionary system makes slogans obsolete, eliminating the need for workers to be near moving or suspended loads, keeping them safe from harm. Verton’s lifting product line also incorporates intelligent technology to facilitate more precise load placement, faster job rotation, and superior analysis and monitoring of operations. The technology will significantly benefit lifting operations by moving towards “hands-free” lifting and keeping workers away from potentially high-risk areas. www.verton.com.au

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Hanho International is one of the leading exporters and importers of used cranes in Korea. Hanho specializes in crawler cranes, all terrain and all terrain cranes. Hanho also specializes in importing telehandlers to the Korean market. http://www.hanhoco.com

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