Liberia: S/ court refutes investigator’s publication


The Supreme Court of Liberia has found as false and misleading a front-page publication in the Monday, July 4 edition (VOL. 31. NO. 125) of the Inquirer newspaper entitled “Weah Rejects Chief Justice’s Successor?”, in which the newspaper claims that Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Liberia, His Honor Francis S. Korkpor, Sr., has appointed Chief Justice of the Commercial Court, Her Honor Eva Mappy-Morgan as his successor, but she was reportedly rejected by the President of Liberia for her alleged ‘unethical behavior’

The author of the story, hiding under the guise of sources both within the judiciary and the executive, further displayed his ignorance of the Constitution and laws of this Republic by stating that the Chief Justice has the ” option” to appoint his replacement upon his retirement. and that the President’s alleged rejection of his nominee was a “slap in the face from the Chief Justice”.

The Supreme Court wishes to categorically refute such a story, because at no time did the Chief Justice meet with the President in person or write to the President to appoint Justice Mappy-Morgan, or anyone else to fill the position of Chief Justice. September 5. , 2022.

We wonder why the Inquirer newspaper would seek to spew such a bold and diabolical lie, when in fact the outlet, like others, has a reporter assigned to the judiciary with the goal of gathering information and verifying that information before their publication?

It is a known fact that there is a case before the entire Supreme Court from a Judicial Commission of Inquiry (JIC) to which Judge Mappy-Morgan is a party, and a decision of the Court does not can be taken due to a tie vote, thereby triggering section 2.8 of the new Judiciary Act which requires the Chief Justice to notify the President when such a situation arises, and the President then appoints a Judge as Judge ad hoc for the sole purpose of deciding this particular case; that is why the chief justice, in accordance with the law, wrote to the president on this particular case.

Therefore, it is not legally and administratively tenable to write to the President at the same time or even to meet him in person to recommend or appoint (as the newspaper puts it) Judge Mappy-Morgan as his successor.

We have said often and need to emphasize again, that the judiciary is open to the media and will always provide information when engaged, but we cannot tolerate the media willfully misrepresenting facts to tarnish the reputations of other people and misinform the general public.

What kind of journalist does such unprofessional work for such a reputable newspaper, if not with the intention of tarnishing the reputations of others and publicly ridiculing the judiciary and executive?

The Supreme Court considers the publication a disservice to the people of Liberia and to foreigners who read the Inquirer newspaper, because the newspaper has denied its readers the benefit of professional journalism and accurate information and fed them with a total fabrication and misrepresentation of facts. .

The Court therefore asks the editors of the Inquirer newspaper to do their professional duty now by retracting their front page article of Monday July 4, 2022 and to apologize to their readers for such deliberate lying and misinformation.

We also urge the Liberian media to always treat the people of Liberia fairly in carrying out their reporting duties, as the information consumed by your audience could have a positive or negative consequence on our nation and its people.

The Liberian judiciary stands ready to work with the media and any other public interest group wishing to obtain factual information about and about the Liberian judiciary.


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