Limited Run Games Announces New Book Publishing Brand “Press Run”


The book publisher called Press Run will be run by former gaming journalists Jeremy Parish and Jared Petty.

Limited Run Games shared an exciting announcement this morning as it was revealed that the company is launching a new book publishing brand called Press Run. With the new Press Run imprint, Limited Run aims to publish “new, high-quality books on video games and gaming-adjacent topics on a monthly basis, starting today.”

Press Run is overseen by former gaming journalists Jeremy Parish (1Up Network, USgamer, IGN, Retronauts) and Jared Petty (IGN, Kinda Funny, Electronic Arts).

“Our long-term goal with Press Run is to create an ever-growing library of great books covering a wide range of topics, in a variety of formats and styles by a diverse range of authors,” said Jeremy Parish, curator of Press Run Media. “Press Run will exist to keep great books in circulation for as long as people want to have them.

Limited Run Games cover for the book published by Press Run Super NES Works 1987 with books available from September 29th.
© Limited Edition Games

Press Run is described as being designed from the ground up as an “exclusive print label” for original publications courtesy of the Limited Run Games team, as well as books from a wide range of talented authors of the whole world.

“Readers looking for meaningful, informed and entertaining stories by great writers will find much to love in Press Run books,” said Jared Petty, Press Run editor and project manager. “We help authors share their passion for games with a wider audience…it’s a pleasure to get up every day and be a part of that process.”

Limited Run Games cover for Press Run's published book PlayStation: A Retrospective with books available from October 20.
© Limited Edition Games

The first Press Run books are currently in production and will be available for purchase as soon as they are ready to ship. Some books would be released in limited collector’s editions, while core editions of each book published by Press Run will continue to circulate as long as demand exists. Some of the books Limited Run fans can look forward to from Press Run in the near future include Limited Run: The Complete Run Vol. 1, NES Works 1987, Virtual Boy Works, The Sunsoft Story Vol. I, and PlayStation: A Retrospective.

For more on Press Run and the upcoming releases that will be available through the imprint, be sure to read Limited Run Games’ full press release. And for more information on Limited Run, check out some of our previous coverage, including our interview with Limited Run at PAX West 2022 about the recent acquisition of Embracer, and early news from Limited Run Games being acquired by Embrace Group.

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