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LOOP is the name of the new editorial project of the team behind GameReport magazine. With the ambition to consolidate this new name as a benchmark in terms of reflection and criticism of video games, the team launched a sponsorship campaign via the portal this Wednesday, November 3. Verkami; the goal is to reach at least 21,000 euros to move forward with two numbers in physical and digital format.

What is LOOP and what is its purpose in the panorama of video game criticism

With the same spirit as with GameReport but with renewed energy, we are looking at a publication that aims to “approach the reflection and criticism of video games as a cultural phenomenon, beyond simple entertainment, seeking to create a dialogue with other disciplines ”. In accordance with the objectives set, the frequency will be six-monthly; the first issue will arrive in April and the second in October 2022, if it goes forward, accompanied by a diverse structure rich in subjects of all kinds.

LOOP, formatted as monographic numbers, seeks to be a multidisciplinary space where there is room for heterogeneous perspectives in your texts; in addition to original work which will accompany each issue. The post will be ad-free. In the team we find the original staff of GameReport, industry veterans with six years of experience in the field of electronic entertainment criticism.

LOOP, in search of professionalization

With each publication, LOOP will seek to “combine the various points of view of those who compose it, while avoiding becoming too attached to the news or being carried away by nostalgia”. Likewise, they say they want to get involved in the development of video games in Spain through contact with national professionals, their experiences and their work methodology.

This editorial project aims to professionalize the human team that makes it up. To do this, they will focus on “fair remuneration” for all members and ensure “economic viability” which allows LOOP to continue over time.

Got it all, what will the first issue of LOOP be about? Of love and sex in video games. In its 200 pages, texts will be devoted to the treatment of affect in all its aspects; from the creation of emotional and sexual relationships to Roleplay both in and out of play experiences. They also prepare texts on mods sex simulator The Sims and how the player relates to work through them. Titles like Catherine, Cobra Cluc or the Lisa series are some of the highlights of their official statement.

As for interviews, LOOP spoke with Nina Freeman (Analogue: A Hate Story) and Spanish studio Deconstructeam (The Red Strings Club), as well as a career profile of George Kamitani (13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim).

Current campaign: how to support LOOP

Those interested in LOOP can now make their contributions via the dedicated page on Verkami, which also includes a preview of the first issue of the publication and all the details about editions, payment methods and extras.

“With all of these contributions, GameReport’s editorial team hope to be able to make LOOP’s first year viable and lay the groundwork for the new publication to become a key name in video game writing in the Spanish language.”

The campaign has only just begun.

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