LSI Chemical signs agreement with Saudi distributor


LSI Chemical, the international division of Lubrication Specialties Inc., has announced a new distribution agreement with Diamond Island Contracting Co., located in Mecca Province, Saudi Arabia. The company will immediately have the right to market and distribute LSI Chemical premium multi-function fuel and oil additives developed for downstream refining operations for the purpose of improving the quality of gasoline and diesel, including biodiesel fuels. sold in the Middle East. Additionally, Diamond Island Contracting will also distribute Hot Shot’s Secret performance lubricant products for the automotive aftermarket retail market.

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LSI Chemical, established in 2020, now has 13 international distributors around the world, most of which market and distribute the company’s two brands – LSI Chemical and Hot Shot’s Secret in their respective regions.

LSI Chemical currently markets five fuel additives and four oil additives developed with LSI’s proprietary nanotechnology, Group V esters with friction modifiers and base oils. LSI Chemical’s oil additives are the first to solve many of the troubling problems of nanoparticle technology – solubility for true long-lasting suspension and product appearance (color). The company’s patented processes have yet to be duplicated, allowing the additives to add performance characteristics unlike any other additive competitor in the market, the company said.

Hot Shot’s Secret is one of the fastest growing performance lubricant brands in the United States, with over 50 products developed to unique performance specifications to reduce wear and friction coefficient, improve oxidation and lubricate all components for long term component protection, improved horsepower and torque. All products are tested by third party lab tests to back up the company’s claims. To learn more about LSI’s superior innovative nanotechnology and patented surface treatment that improves product solubility and color, check out this video.

LSI Chemical President Todd Cawley said, “Diamond Island Contracting Company is our premier distributor in the high-profit Middle East region, home to a large percentage of global fuel refinery operations, including Saudi Aramco, the oil giant controlled by the Saudi royal family. Saudi Aramco is listed as the 12th largest refinery in the world. It’s a great opportunity to have an Indigenous presence with a company that has strong ties to the industry.

Diamond Industries Marketing Director Mohammad Alzuhair added: “I recently had the opportunity to learn about LSI Chemical after reviewing their research results at a STLE meeting in May. The groundbreaking research presented offers new opportunities in several markets, from electric generation to mass transport. We are delighted to be working with LSI Chemical and are confident that our customers will also be delighted to develop improved formulations based on the required specifications for wear resistance, fuel economy, detergent cleaning properties and performance. global.

Cawley adds: “Arab refineries account for 8% of the world’s total refining capacity which translates to 87.2 million barrels per day according to Oil and Gas Journal. This is a crucial area for being present and developing brand awareness.

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