Macau Concealers online publication ceases operations


Macanese publication Macau Concealers has ceased operations citing limited resources and unprecedented environmental changes as the reason for the shutdown. Several Hong Kong media outlets quoted Macau Concealers’ Facebook post on Tuesday, where it said it would close its doors the next day (Wednesday) after operating for almost 16 years. Macau Concealers thanked its readers for their support and said it has done its duty in safeguarding press freedom and presenting a diverse view of Macau.

The media’s Facebook page and website are no longer accessible at this time and their Instagram account has been made private. Hong Kong Free Press quotes former Macau Concealers deputy director Roy Choi, who said the online outlet, funded by the New Macao Association, did not have enough funds, adding that he was unsure whether the digital media was facing political pressure, but the team at Macau Concealers should have considered other avenues of fundraising before shutting down the platform. Additionally, former Macau Concealers Director Jason Chao, along with Choi, urged Macau Concealers Director Kam Sut-leng to take steps to preserve the content produced by the platform and make the archives available online.

In an open letter posted to Hong Kong’s Stand News, Chao and Choi both said, “The next generations will determine whether Macau Concealers has fulfilled its mission. However, for the past 10+ years (the media) has witnessed this story. . The news is the first version of the story. The content of the Macau Concealers page, including interactions within the community, has unique cultural and historical value. ”

They urged the head of Macau Consealers to take action to save the content online, letting readers know in the future that Macau has a platform with a different perspective.

At its birth, Macau Concealers was born as a satirical publication. It has become a major source of local online information after several years. Her chinese name (æ„› 暪 日報) was a pun on the city’s main newspaper, Macau Daily News, as it wanted to poke fun at the newspaper’s pro-government stance.

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