Major U.S. Ink Distributors Reach Deal with Finless Foods to Offer Plant-Based Tuna Poke


Cellular and plant-based seafood producer Finless Foods’ new poke-style tuna is now available in the US foodservice market through Gordon Food Service, one of North America’s largest wide-range distributors. .

Finless Foods touts its plant-based tuna that’s minimally processed, low in sodium and fat, and high in omega-3 fatty acids – countering one of the seafood industry’s biggest arguments against products. herbal.

California-based Finless develops cell- and plant-based seafood alternatives.

In March, the company raised $34 million (€31.2 million) in a Series B funding round led by Hanwha Solutions, a subsidiary of Korean giant Hanwha Global, worth 60 billion dollars (55.1 billion euros).

Finless Foods CEO Michael Selden said the money will be used to build a pilot facility where the company will produce its first scalable, commercial bluefin tuna in cell culture. The facility is expected to open in San Francisco this year.

This new funding brings the total raised by the company to nearly $48 million (€44 million) since 2017.

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The California-based company said it was also using the funds to gain regulatory approval for its cell-cultured bluefin tuna, allowing it to be sold and consumed in the United States.

Investments in alternative seafood nearly doubled in 2021 from levels a year earlier, according to a new report from non-profit group Good Food Institute (GFI).

In total, 175 million dollars (162 million euros) have been invested in companies producing or planning to produce seafood products based on plant material, cultured from cells or resulting from a fermentation process. The investment reflects a 92% increase from the $91 million (€84.3 million) invested in the sector in 2020.


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