MMS and Exline Announce Exclusive Distribution Partnership


Machine Monitoring Systems has selected Exline as its exclusive distributor for the sale and installation of its entire product line for the United States and territories, the two companies announced.

The MMS product line includes Snapshot Engine Balancer, MachineryRx, ProBalance Engine Balance Monitor, Sentinel CPM and Sentinel VM.

The Snapshot Engine Balancer is a portable analyzer for balancing low speed natural gas engines. MachineryRx is an easy-to-use website that provides a single location for operators to upload engine balancing results. Management with the proper credentials can then have access to all engine balancing data at the station, division, region, and company level.

The ProBalance Engine Balance Monitor system continuously monitors peak ignition pressures for up to 20 cylinders and alarms if the engine is out of balance or if a cylinder exceeds user-defined bands.

The ProBalance Plus engine balance monitoring system continuously monitors maximum ignition pressures for up to 20 cylinders and automatically adjusts electronic fuel gas modulators (eFGMs) to maintain maximum ignition pressures (PFPs) at through the engine in user-defined bands.

Sentinel CPM (Compressor Performance Monitor) provides real-time monitoring of compressor health and safety, including power, rod loads, design temperatures and flow rates. The CPM includes Warren Liable’s unique multi-factor diagnostic software suite, provided with no subscription fees or data to be sent to a third-party web application.

Sentinel VM (Vibration Monitor) allows a user to customize critical vibration parameters of alternative machines to monitor and alert, again without any subscription requirement.

Exline provides sales and service for rotary and reciprocating equipment used in the gas compression, power generation, industrial, and plastics mixing and compounding industries. Since 1872, Exline has provided industrial solutions for field repair and installation of critical equipment, on-site machining at customers’ premises as well as in-house at our industrial repair and manufacturing facilities, and protective devices of Exline equipment worldwide. MMS manufactures products and software that monitor rotary and reciprocating industrial machinery.


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