MSP to Eliminate Offset Technology with Installation of Truepress Jet520HD – Covering Printing Inks, Coatings and Allied Industries

SCREEN Americas announces the installation of the Truepress Jet520HD AD at MSP in Bloomsburg, PA. The installation of the high definition inkjet rotary press with an advanced curing unit, the Truepress Jet520HD AD will join the Truepress Jet520NX at the company’s 100,000 square foot facility.

The new SCREEN press replaces the original Truepress Jet520S and Truepress Jet520ZZ models from MSP. With this latest installation, MSP plans to completely eliminate its offset lithography equipment.

The ability to put multiple jobs on a roll combined with one-touch operation has proven to be both profitable for the printer and beneficial for the customer, allowing MSP to effortlessly convert over 100 of its customers to the SCREEN technology.

The company’s COO, Doug Wright, expects that with the installation of the Truepress Jet520HD AD, the few remaining customers he has on lithographic presses will soon switch to digital inkjet technology.

MSP intends to use the Truepress Jet520HD AD to print on envelopes, which will add a whole new range of services to the company’s business. And, with the reduction in offset printing, he was able to reorganize his labor costs.

“Someone can be fully qualified in 60 days on a SCREEN press whereas with an offset press it takes those operators years to master what they’re doing,” Wright said.


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