Nano Dimension Adds Ceramic and Metal 3D Printing Capabilities with Admatec and Formatec Acquisitions


Nano dimension announced the conclusion of a definitive agreement for the acquisition of Formatec Holding BV, including its additive manufacturing subsidiaries Admatec Europe B.V. and Formatec Technical Ceramics BV

The acquisition adds ceramic and metal 3D printing capabilities to the company’s 3D printed electronics portfolio, which also includes micro-additive manufacturing following the acquisition of NanoFabrica last year. Nano Dimension describes the addition of ceramics and metals as “critical materials” for the development of end-use 3D printed parts, and indicates that in the future, new types of Admatec/Formatec products will also enable customers to print larger parts.

Nano Dimension paid a total cash sum of $12.9 million for the Netherlands-based company (net of cash), which was part of US-based Precision Surfacing Solutions. Adamtec/Formatec’s DLP-based systems are for medical, jewelry, industrial and investment casting applications, while its Formatec Industrial Production Services division provides design-to-production services for industrial customers through a service desk platform that combines injection molding and additive manufacturing capabilities. . Nano Dimension says its go-to-market platform will expand the reach of Adamatec/Formatec’s products and services in growing markets, particularly in the United States and Europe.

Yoav Stern, President and CEO of Nano Dimension, said that all members of the Admatec/Formatec team joined Nano Dimension upon closing of the transaction and will continue to be led by their current management team.

Stern said, “Admatec/Formatec’s products and services expand Nano Dimension’s Fabrica division, adding volume manufacturing capabilities to high-precision Fabrica 2.0 micromechanical systems.

Jaco Saurwalt, COO of Admatec/Formatec, who will now lead the Admatec/Formatec division of Nano Dimension, said, “The Admatec and Formatec teams are excited to be part of Nano Dimension. We are proud of how we have grown this business and are confident that we can expand and accelerate our growth by leveraging our current technology and services. We expect the combined expertise with Nano Dimension to establish a leadership position in high-mix, low-volume metal 3D-AM production markets.

Stern went on to say that the Admatec/Formatec systems will also be complemented by the company’s deep learning-based artificial intelligence technologies from its acquisition of DeepCube last April.

Stern continued, “We hope this will improve performance and throughput and lead to more seamless integration with Nano Dimension’s Fabrica systems. Admatec/Formatec’s machines and services are part of Nano Dimension’s broader vision to establish “Industry 4.0” solutions, which involve building a “distributed digital manufacturing application” based on AI rather than just machines as capital goods. The end goal is to achieve a capability to maintain a digital inventory of high-end printed mechanical parts in digital form: print them how you need them, where you need them, only the quantity you need, in the best quality at competitive prices, with the highest output and throughput possible at that exact moment, especially for high/low volume mixing scenarios.

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