Nanoscribe launches the Quantum X shape 3D printing system



Nanoscribe launched its Quantum X shape 3D printing system designed for rapid prototyping and batch production at wafer scale.

The company believes the high-precision 3D printer will enable advanced 3D microfabrication applications, with improved accuracy, output and ease of use for parts in life sciences, materials engineering and microfluidics .

Powered by two-photon polymerization (2PP), the Quantum X shape direct laser writing system is optimal for microfabrication of 2.5D and 3D objects with submicron accuracy on surfaces up to 25cm2. The machine is capable of producing objects with feature size control up to 100 nanometers in all spatial directions for nanoscale and microscopic scale printing, as well as meso scale printing up to to an object size of 50 mm. Nanoscribe’s Quantum X shape also features a state-of-the-art galvo system and intelligent electronic system control units, as well as a pulsed femtosecond laser and advanced laser focus path control that accelerates and decelerates. the mirror units galvo to the optimum scan speed and adjusts the laser powder to modulation rates of 1 MHz. In addition, the machine has an automatic interface detector, which detects substrate surfaces with an accuracy of up to 50 nanometers, and self-calibration routines to ensure reliable and accurate prints. The nanoConnectX software also allows users to remotely access the 3D printing system.

Nanoscribe is convinced that its Quantum X shape is the “optimal device” for industrial batch processes with standard wafers up to six inches, with application opportunities in industry and academia ongoing.

“With the Quantum X shape, Nanoscribe sets new standards for high-precision wafer-scale microfabrication for scientific and industrial purposes,” commented Dr. Michael Thiel, CSO and co-founder of Nanoscribe. “While the Quantum X is already driving ultra-fast fabrication of flat microoptics using two-photon grayscale lithography, we expect the Quantum X shape to do high-precision 3D printing based on the two-photon polymerization an unrivaled efficient and reliable tool for prototyping and batch production in research laboratories and industry.

“The launch of the Quantum X shape demonstrates the innovative potential of high-precision 3D printing for many application areas, especially for demanding life science applications,” said Erik Gatenholm, CEO and co- founder of BICO, the parent organization of Nanoscribe. “Nanoscribe is setting new standards in 3D microfabrication for discovering the technologies of tomorrow and I couldn’t be more proud to have them on our team at BICO.

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