New York Divorce Lawyer Juan Luciano Explains Divorce by New York Publication


New York City – Divorce lawyer Juan Luciano publishes a new article that explains what a publication divorce is in New York. A divorce by publication occurs when it is difficult to find the other spouse and give them the divorce papers.

The New York divorce attorney explains that a “service” is the formal delivery of a summons to notify the other spouse in a divorce. Most of the time, this must be delivered to the other party in person. However, if they are hard to find, the subpoena can be published in a local newspaper.

According to attorney Juan Luciano, “The original intent of service by publication was that a defendant in a divorce would read the notice or someone they knew would read it and serve it. But we know that few people read the public notices section of a newspaper, yet it is the law and remains the only way for a person filing for divorce to notify their spouse by publication.

The divorce lawyer explains in the article that a divorce by publication takes place in two stages. The first step is to file the summons with the court and begin a 120-day waiting period. If the other spouse still cannot be located, the current spouse can apply to the court for permission to serve by publication.

“The court will designate which publication you should use and you will need to obtain an affidavit of service from the publication stating that the summons has been published. Your service is considered terminated after the twenty-first day after the first posting date,” attorney Juan Luciano said.

Divorce lawyers add that once the conditions are met, the spouse can go ahead and ask the court to grant the divorce. The lawyer also adds that a publication divorce can be expensive and time consuming. Sometimes a spouse will have to seek the help of a private investigator and additional costs in court.

Finally, attorney Juan Luciano points out in the article that navigating a divorce isn’t easy. This is why a divorce lawyer is important to guide the client through this process. A divorce lawyer will be able to help the client understand the impact of their decisions.

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