Nina Kraviz’s Label Distributor Ends Collaboration Over Pro-Putin Releases


Clone Distribution has ended its collaboration with Trip Recordings and Nina Kraviz due to its pro-Putin releases

Distribution of clones end the collaboration with Trip recordsdue to Nina Kravizon the war in Ukraine, explaining that ‘it is not the moral behavior and energy that we want to represent or be associated with

Earlier this month, Rotterdam-based Clone Distribution terminated its deal with Trip Recordings, which it had worked with for a few years, due to Nina Kraviz’s stance on what is happening in Ukraine. As soon as it was known that the distributor had taken the step of severing ties with the label and Nina Kraviz herself, Clone received many requests for clarification from many entities and users, including Time magazine. Sergethe founder of Clone Distribution, released an official statement to fully clarify the situation and set the record straight.

In the first part of the text Serge succinctly explains that the end of Clone’s relationship with Trip Recordings is not a secret and that in honor of all those who have wondered about the reasons, it will be fully clarified. The following is a very detailed and well-argued list of the factors that led to the breakdown of relations with Nina Kraviz. The statement reads as follows:

“In the past, even after the annexation of Crimea, Nina Kraviz has put forward several exits that can be considered pro-Putin. Plus, she clearly flirted with CCCP/USSR sentiments on several occasions, when the USSR was a regime that championed the oppression of minorities, marginalized LGBTQ+ communities, a regime that murdered millions of people! On Nina’s latest upcoming compilation album “All His Decisions” there are also a number of signs of flattery from the USSR. This raises questions which, in light of the current Russian aggression, cannot be ignored.

Nina Kraviz’s silence on social media since the outbreak of the war, a platform where the Russian artist was usually quite active, has been widely questioned in the industry, by music lovers, other artists, labels and other personalities. Aside from a short video she posted of Kraviz writing “peace” in Russian, no position was taken. Clone is really disappointed by the silence of the artist and her attitude towards what is happening in Ukraine was the ultimate trigger:

“By refusing to choose sides and not speaking out, Nina allows herself to continue her lifestyle and her life as a performer as if nothing had happened, while looting, rape, murder and the destruction of a country by her compatriots continues.(…) We see this silence as a sign of double standards and disinterest, and see it as a symptom of toxic positivity and toxic ignorance in the techno scene which Clone Record chooses not to represent (…) She may well have her personal reasons for this behavior, but as a business partner, Clone Records is also free to not accept these reasons at its convenience.

Clone organizes fundraising events for humanitarian aid in Ukraine, donating its band camp weekend income and other support initiatives. Serge’s statement on the end of the relationship between Clone Distribution and Nina Kraviz can be read in full here.

Image credit: Nina Kraviz / Dmitry Rollins


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